Lindsay Lohan is an undoubtedly controversial but extremely talented individual who is known for her successful endeavors with Disney, various music releases, and television roles. Finding her peace in business and activism, Lindsay had seemed to be doing just fine up until now.

Lindsay Lohan Received a Tweet from Raw Navi

Earlier today, Raw Navi (the Internet phenomenon) tweeted to Lohan, “Do you want to be in my next music video?” Seemingly naïve, the message randomly popped up on Twitter.

Who Is Raw Navi and What Is so Special About Him?

Raw Navi is a rising Internet phenomenon who is famous for his YouTube music video, “Strawberries.” In just one day, the video has generated several thousand views and is continuing to grow in popularity, even as you read this article.

“Strawberries, Strawberries, This Is What I like…”

In the modern era of the Internet, one does not have to offer a lot of common sense and value to be in the spotlight. The music video, “Strawberries,” proves just that. A character who is dressed up in a ridiculous outfit is dancing to a catchy beat and throwing strawberries around himself, occasionally swallowing them. Apparently, this is what the modern generation enjoys watching. While Zayn Malik is still getting over his breakup, this relatively unknown dude is slowly building up a fan base.

“Next Psy” on YouTube?

It is hard to tell if Raw Navi is the “next Psy” in the world of art and comedy. The catchy music video certainly has something that sparks the public’s interest. However, it is hard to tell how far this will go and whether or not another video from this creator will go viral. All that we know for sure is that the message to Lohan with the artist’s unique proposal has been sent. Maybe, she will even accept the proposal. Wouldn’t that be something?