Everyone knows that water is the best source of hydration. But did you know that adding lemon could turn your ordinary glass of water into a super antioxidant drink? Lemons are rich in vitamins and minerals and even have cancer-fighting properties. Here, MusicSnake Magazine put together a list of top 10 benefits of drinking lemon water.

Number One: Lemon Acts as a Natural Diuretic. It helps to flush out waste in the body and increases the rate of urination. This means that toxins are released at a faster rate, and, therefore, the urinary tract is kept intact.

Number Two: It Boosts Your Immune System. Lemons are high in vitamin C, which ingesting them decreases your chance of getting sick. It also high in potassium, which helps brain and nerve function.

Number Three: It Detoxes the Liver. The citric acid in the lemon maximizes enzyme function, which stimulates the liver and aids in detoxification.

Number Four: Lemon Freshens Breath. The citric acid will help destroy bacteria and gingivitis, and that subsequently promotes fresh breath. That’s a fresh sigh of relief for all of us.

Number Five: It Acts as a Mood-Enhancer. Lemons energize the body and enhance your mood. The scent of lemon is known to brighten your mood and reduce anxiety and depression. This is a reason why so many household products are lemon-scented.

Number Six: It Clears Skin. Lemon’s vitamin C component helps decrease blemishes. It purges toxins from the bloodstream, and your skin cells will show the effects first.

Number Seven: Hydration. Water is the best source of keeping yourself hydrated. Adding lemon helps enhance those benefits. When your body is dehydrated, it cannot perform all the necessary functions. The minerals found in lemons help control your adrenal glands so everything stays in tip-top shape.

Number Eight: Lemons Balance pH levels. Lemon water helps reduce the body’s overall acidity levels. Lemon is one of the most alkaline foods around. Being basic might not be so bad after all.

Number Nine: It Aids in Digestion. The Lemon has properties that will essentially flush out toxins in your body. It helps with the detoxification process and in digestion. The acids help flush out the bile in your body, which decreases your likelihood of constipation and increases your likelihood of proper digestion.

Number Ten: Lemon Water Promotes Weight Loss. It is high in fiber, which helps fight hunger cravings and keeps your body fuller for a longer period of time. This means less time to snack. It’s also known that sometimes your body can confuse hunger with dehydration, so try drinking a glass of lemon water the next time you get a random craving for Cheetos. Thanks for reading!

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