Leighton Meester is a popular American actress who is best known for her role in Gossip Girl. She traveled the world and made loads of films, but there is more to the actress that meets the eye. Here, MusicSnake Magazine put together a list of top ten facts you probably didn’t know about the actress.

Number One: Leighton Meester Doesn’t Go to the Gym. She is a fit person, but she doesn’t go to the gym. Instead, the actress stays healthy by eating well and exercising with her trainer.

Number Two: Meester is Bi-lingual. Something that not enough Americans can do is speak two languages, and Leighton is not one of them. Indeed, she speaks fluent French as well as English.

Number Three: The Actreee Has a Floral Tattoo. Something interesting about this girl is that she has a tattoo. Hers is a blue flower that one can see on the inside part of her left wrist.

Number Four: Oz Got Leighton Interested. It wasn’t until she appeared in a local performance of The Wizard of Oz did she become interested in pursuing acting as a career. It seems that this story would inspire a child to try this field of work.

Number Five: She Appeared in Law & Order. When the actress was getting her career started she tried for many roles. Once, Leighton Meester landed an appearance in Law & Order where she played Alyssa Turner.

Number Six: Leighton’s Mother Sued Her. She has a brother, who has had multiple health problems over the years. Their mother Candice once sued her on the premise that she wasn’t doing her part in paying the bills, causing Leighton to sue back in return under the premise that she was using her money for cosmetic reasons. At the end of the trial, all charges were dropped.

Number Seven: She Has Been on the Theatre Stage. She also has acted on stage. In ’14, she played Curley’s wife from the classic Of Mice and Men. This is certainly something not many people know about her.

Number Eight: The Sunsilk Spokesperson. In ’08, she was the front-woman for Sunsilk’s Life Can’t Wait campaign. The campaign itself was supposed to inspire women to pursue their dreams, which is a noble concept.

Number Nine: She Was Born in Strange Circumstances. Leighton was born in a time where her mother was actually serving prison time. She had gotten the sentence because of the fact that she was tied to a drug ring. Her mom was allowed to give birth outside of the prison just long enough to nurse her and then had to go back to finish her sentence.

Number Ten: Leighton Meester and Amanda Seyfried Have Something in Common. Although both now are well known in the industry, for a time, they both had to hustle. In the past, Leighton Meester and Amanda Seyfried modeled for Limited Too.

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