Lauryn Hill is a popular singer, songwriter and rapper, known for being a member of Fugees group. She has no shortage of fans and has had quite the interesting career. Here, MusicSnake Magazine presents our list of top ten facts you probably didn’t know about her.

Number One: Lauryn Hill Hopes Her Fearlessness is Infectious. Although she recognizes that people appreciate her talent, she wants to be more than that. She would like her fearlessness to be inspiring and contagious.

Number Two: The Musician Gets High Off Creative Insight. People have described a special sensation when listening to Lauryn sing. She claims that she feels this special sensation first, and that it gives her an inspired high feeling.

Number Three: Hill Thinks the Music Industry Should Nurture the Gifts of Singers. She stopped making albums for an entire 8 years. When asked about this, the singer said it was because the music industry stopped doing its part to help singers grow.

Number Four: Don’t Call Her ‘Lauryn’. She prefers not to be addressed by her first name. Instead, if you ever meet the singer, call her “Ms. Hill.”

Number Five: Ms. Hill Grew Up Singing Along to Male Vocalists. Among these singers is Stevie Wonder. To this day, she tries to improve upon her voice all the time and get better at her craft.

Number Six: She is Secretive. Lauryn Hill likes to keep to herself and isn’t always crazy about the spotlight. For these reasons, the singer doesn’t usually perform in the U.S. and rarely gives interviews.

Number Seven: When It Comes to Her Influence Over Fans… She was asked if it feels like she has a responsibility to uphold in regards to how much she inspires people. Ms. Hill says she thinks about it, yet doesn’t think about it.

Number Eight: The Artist Disappeared from the Scene in 1999. For a while, she didn’t appear in public life. Her fans traded rumors that she had had a breakdown of sorts. She was a busy mom, which could have had something to do with this.

Number Nine: Health and Wholeness are Important to Her. She is well aware of the fact that she has an extraordinary gift; her voice. Lauryn doesn’t take this lightly at all, and makes sure she takes care of herself first and foremost in order to respect that gift.

Number Ten: Creative Addiction. Back when she was making a lot of music in the 1990’s, she described it as a compulsion or a creative addiction. Thanks for reading!

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