Krepling has launched a series of new digital marketing services to help further provide for its user database. Krepling has been dubbed to be one of the most exciting new e-commerce platforms of the year, mainly due to its clever ingenuity and design, but it has been it’s wide range of digital marketing services that have been a major element at the forefront to Krepling’s wide success.

Liam J.E Gerada, Krepling chief executive, has been barking on about creating a platform that not only gives aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners the tools to succeed online, but also the right framework of trained professionals. Gerada has referred to this field of people as “Krepling Experts”, and can be summed up as Krepling’s very own collection of freelance entrepreneurs who provide marketing services, such as SEO and Content Creation, to Krepling users and newcomers to the platform.

This has been Krepling’s way to help it’s users market and grow their businesses without the need to ever even leave the website, which arguably has been the Gerada brothers’ goal to help better the world of e-commerce.

However, their range of services saw a huge revamp over the weekend with the introduction of a brand new interface, that not only offers twice as many purchasable services, but also allows the user to select from 4 different categories.

When speaking to Krepling’s chief executive, Liam J.E Gerada, he told reporters that it was Krepling’s long term goal to create an environment where entrepreneurs will no longer require the need for more than 1 platform to build and manage their business. Krepling will be the go-to platform for anything online business-related.

Anyone who believes in Krepling as a reasonable challenger to Shopify’s and Amazon’s e-commerce dominance has become even more excited for Krepling’s path. Krepling is taking the ideas set by Shopify one step further, by not only creating a platform to sell and brand an e-commerce store, but a platform to expand and grow an idea.