Kings of Leon is a rock band that formed in Nashville, Tennessee, in ’99 and took the world by storm in ’08. The band has amassed millions of fans all over the world and received multiple awards for their arena rock sound. Here, MusicSnake Magazine put together a list of top eleven facts you probably didn’t know about King of Leon.

Number One: Kings of Leon Didn’t Hit Commercial Success Until Their 4th Album. The band released 3 albums before they reached any sort of commercial success with their fourth, Only by the Night that was released in ’08, and contains the hit singles Sex on Fire and Use Somebody.

Number Two: The Band Members Go by Their Middle Names. Instead of just using their first names, the band decided to go by their middle names. Caleb’s first name is Anthony, Jared’s is Michael, Nathan’s is Ivan and Matthew’s is Cameron.

Number Three: Their Album Titles Have Five Syllables. Whether it is a coincidence or not, all of the band’s albums have five-syllable titles.

Number Four: They Are All Relatives. Nathan, Caleb and Jared Followill are all brothers and Matthew Followill is their cousin. Furthermore, their tour technician is their cousin Christopher.

Number Five: The Band Was Named After Their Grandfather. Kings of Leon named their band after their grandfather, whose name is Leon. Unfortunately, he passed away in ’14.

Number Six: The Band Refused to Let ‘Glee’ Cover Their Song. In an apparent attempt not to “sell out,” the guys refused to let the FOX show Glee cover their song “Use Somebody,” citing that they never watch the show. The folks at Glee shouldn’t have felt too bad though. The band hardly ever licenses their music out to anyone.

Number Seven: Their Father Was a Minister. Caleb, Jared and Nathan grew up in Tennessee traveling with their mother and United Pentecostal Church preacher father, Ivan. As a preacher, their dad travelled a lot and the boys came with him, driving in a purple Oldsmobile that would frequently break down. Many times, the boys have also helped out with Ivan’s sermons, occasionally being asked to bang on drums. When their father retired from preaching, the boys formed Kings of Leon.

Number Eight: Caleb is Not a Big Fan of Sex on Fire. Singer Caleb has said that he never really wanted the song on the band’s album at all. However, it ended up being their biggest hit to date.

Number Nine: Only by The Night Was Written While on Drugs. Caleb has said that most of Only by the Night was written while he was on painkillers. The painkillers were prescribed to him after he had shoulder surgery.

Number Ten: The Guys Get Inspired by Cannabis. The band has been very cavalier in their appreciation of medical marijuana. Their first EP was written in their family basement while listening to Led Zeppelin and smoking weed for a month.

Number Eleven: They Count Radiohead’s Guitarist as a Fan. Ed O’Brien has been a fan of the band for a long time and at one point in ’08, called them “the greatest band in the world at the moment.” He has also said that when he sees them live, he thinks he’d “love to be in that band.”

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