The King Eider is a water duck which lives in tundra landscapes. These birds are so intriguing, beautiful, and unique. Here we present top 10 facts about these creatures that many people don’t know.

Number One: King Eider’s Flock is Huge. When the they migrate, it isn’t a small thing. Many of their flocks are estimated to carry more than 100,000 birds, which must truly be quite the sight.

Number Two: The Ducks Dive Deep. This is an unusual bird that dives deep into the water to get its food. The birds have even been caught in fishing nets a good 150 feet underwater.

Number Three: Green Eggs. The King Eider has an interesting green egg color, which makes no sense if you think about it. In the area in which the birds live, their eggs, being such a different color than the surroundings, would stick out like a sore thumb. Having said this, this hasn’t changed their ability to survive (at least, not much).

Number Four: The Babies Get Their Own Food. Mothers around the world have to take care of their young-lings, and mostly because they can’t take care of themselves. Apparently, the King Eider babies do not need this sort of attention, because they get their own food. Up until they “move out” they only received physical protection from their parents, but everything else is pretty much up to them.

Number Five: King Eiders are Extensive. These birds have been known to travel more ground than any other type of bird, which really is something.

Number Six: They Are Amazingly Large. Out of all the sea ducks to exist in the world, the King Eider is the largest. They often measure at around 22 inches, which is truly huge for an animal like this.

Number Seven: The Sea Ducks Never Really Settle. Unlike some birds, the King Eider is a completely migratory bird, which means that it doesn’t ever really settle. It keeps moving from one area to the next, only stopping in certain circumstances (such as breeding).

Number Eight: The Birds Have a Very Loud Call. People who live in northern regions such as Greenland and Russia probably have heard this bird, and this has to do with its extremely loud call. The male King Eider makes a low croo sound which can be heard for miles.

Number Nine: There is a Legend Behind the King Eider. Not every species has a legend behind it, but the King Eider does. This legend says that the animal is nothing different than the common Eider with so much experience that they have basically been given the means to become another species.

Number Ten: They Eat Favorites. All animals have the sorts of foods they frequently consume, which is a fact that remains the same for the King Eider. Having stated this, they have been known to get more enthusiastic about the crustaceans they eat. Sailors have seen these birds become crazed when they see these creatures, especially when competing for the same bite.

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