Kim II-Sung was North Korea’s first president. The evil dictator had founded and formed North Korea into the most isolated, brutalized and oppressed nation in the world. Here, MusicSnake Magazine put together a list of 7 facts you probably didn’t know about Kim II-Sung.

Number One: The North Korean Calendar Is Based On Kim II-Sung ‘s Birthday

North Korea has a calendar based on the day of Kim II-Sung’s birthday: April 15, 1912. This day is a celebrated public holiday. The calendar also designates public holidays for various other family members.

Number Two: He Was A Master Of Political Manipulation

Before his death, he had created a cult of personality around his son, Kim II-Jong, which firmly established his son’s power; but before Kim II-Jong died, he had not quite done the same for his own son, the current successor Kim Jong Un. Some political commentators think this weakness could lead to the regime’s downfall.

Number Three: He Held Absolute Power Over The Country

The dictator established a one-party government that managed minute aspects of citizens’ lives. It helped him to kill dissenters and their families or threw them into labor camps.

Number Four: Kim II Sung Is Named “Eternal President” of North Korea

Over twenty five years after his death, he is still considered the president of North Korea. Kim II Sung was named an “eternal president,” and none of his successors can hold the title.

Number Five: The Dictator Initiated The Korean War

Backed by the Soviet Union and China, he started the Korean War that took place in 1950-1953. He wanted to unite North and South Korea under Communism.

Number Six: All North Koreans Were Forced To Mourn Kim II Sung’s Death

Upon Kim II Sung’s death, his body was embalmed and placed into a glass coffin for North Korean citizens to visit and worship. Although much of the world outside North Korea celebrated his passing, North Koreans were forced to mourn his death for ten days.

Number Seven: Kim II Sung’s Biography Claims That He Was Once a Freedom Fighter For Korea

According to Kim II Sung’s biography, as a child the dictator and his family fled the country during the Japanese occupation and found refuge in Manchuria. Apparently some time later he became involved in occupier-resistance movements as a young man and fought for the “freedom” of Korea.


He murdered countless North Korean citizens and ruled over the rest by punishment, coercion and manipulation. He passed on his evil regime to his son and grandson, and North Korean citizens today continue to live in misery and poverty under a brutal, hopeless dictatorship.