Robert James Ritchie, known professionally as Kid Rock has a reputation of being someone who breaks the rules in a ridiculous way. The 48-year-old singer has been in the industry for quite some time. However, there are still some surprising facts that many people don’t know about him. Here, MusicSnake Magazine presents the list of ten facts you didn’t know about Kid Rock.

Number One: Kid Rock Is Not Too Big on Giving Speeches

He has admitted that he gets very nervous when he has to speak in front of a big group of people. He has even said that he would prefer to sing at a funeral than to speak at one.

Number Two: He Is Extremely Generous

According to his friend Jamey Johnson, “He’s the kind of guy that does the right thing even when no one’s looking.” Johnson went on to say, “You’re more likely to go and find out some of the charitable things he’s done in his life from other people than from him, because he won’t talk about it.”

Number Three: Kid Rock Knows the Secret to Avoiding Tabloid Disaster

He says the secret to avoiding any snafu you make that ends up on a tabloid is to just wait it out. He said, “…I realized, I just wait 24 hours – that’s all you gotta do. And then they’re on to somebody else who f-ed up.” Well said, Kid Rock.

Number Four: He Learned How Not to Treat People From Limp Bizkit

In the late 1990s, Kid Rock was an opener for Limp Bizkit. He was incredibly disappointed with the way Limp Bizkit treated his roadies, so he decided from then on that he would never do that.

Number Five: The Most Talented Artist He Knows Is…

Kid Rock’s friend Jamey Johnson! He has said, “Jamey Johnson is the most talented motherf-er. And if he puts out a real record, he sells a gold record… They don’t even want to see his face in Nashville.”

Number Six: He Is a Hozier Fan

Kid Rock has said that he is constantly being disappointed by new music acts, but once he heard Hozier, he knew that he had heard a star. He has introduced at least 20 people to the musician because he likes Hozier so much.

Number Seven: Hank Wiliams Jr. Defends Kid Rock’s Controversies

It’s true. He had a controversial photo of himself with a mountain lion, and his friend and fellow musician Hank Williams Jr. staunchly defends it.

Number Eight: David Letterman is a Fan of Kid Rock

In fact, David Letterman is a fan of Kid Rock. Letterman sent Kid Rock a letter after he went to Afghanistan that told him he would be proud to have a son like him.

Number Nine: He Is an OK Golfer

Kid Rock has recently become “hooked” on golf, and since then he has been able to develop his skill. His friend Jamey Johnson says, “I ain’t saying [Kid Rock]’s Tiger Woods or nothing, but when he goes out to play, he wants to accomplish something.”

Number Ten: You Won’t Get a Picture With Kid Rock

According to an interview he did in March of 2015, he is officially done taking pictures with fans. He is tired of having his picture all over social media without him even realizing it.

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