Keurig has climbed to the top of the coffee-brewing industry. America has fallen in love with the miracle workers over at this company for the efficiency of the coffee brewers and the quickening of the morning process. Here, MusicSnake Magazine put together a list of surprising facts you probably didn’t know about the company.

The Keurig Store

Though most people remain unaware, the company actually maintains its own chain of stores in a handful of locations. The first store emerged in 2013 at the Burlington Mall in Massachusetts.

The Name. The name “Keurig” has become a common term in daily household life, though many are unaware of the source or what the name really means. In fact, it is rooted in the Dutch term to describe “excellence”.

The Creative Side. A variety of impressive Keurig recipes has been attacking social media lately. The secret of this global marketing strategy is combining K-cups! By using two cups, you can create any array of unique flavors you taste buds desire. Try mixing bold coffee with hot chocolate for a mocha, caramel latte with vanilla coffee for a caramel macchiato, or try your hand at making your own flavor creations.

You Can Use it to Make Oatmeal

You may have already explored all of the ways to use the hot water from your Keurig machine, but they are still pretty cool. Nature Valley started producing K-cup breakfasts with their line of oatmeal bistro cups in 2014, but honestly you can accomplish this with any of your favorite instant oatmeal packets and a cup.

Or Pasta and Rice. In addition, the water from your machine can make a quick addition to your dinner plate. Measure the hot water from your machine, and put in a cup with an equal portion of instant rice or noodles. Cover the cup, and let sit until it is cooked through. This can take a little more attention, however, and you may need to add a little extra water during the process.

Or Soup. Using the same digital marketing strategy, Campbell’s, Progresso, Heinz, and Kettle Kups have begun producing a line of soups able to be made with your personal coffee maker. Now your brewer can come in clutch at lunchtime, too!


Going Green

In retrospect of the large amount of trash that the brewing machine was creating on a mass scale, the company decided to go green with its K-Mug pod in 2015. This unique, plastic pod brews travel-mug sized volumes of coffee, and is completely reusable.

The Variety. Since its launch in 1998, the success of this brewing system has only grown with time. They proudly claim to have a mass number of 400 varieties of beverages and food products, offered through the company by over 60 diverse brands.

The Masterful Technology. If you have ever thought that the coffee this system brews is more calming and delicious than the coffee from other systems, there is actually a reason for that. The masterminds at Green Mountain developed specific technology for the Keurig systems to heat to water to temperatures just shy of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is scientifically optimal to release the most flavor from the coffee grounds.

Coca Cola’s Stake

In 2014, The Coca Cola Company bought a 16% stake in the stocks of the brewing system’s parent company, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. This adds up to more than $1.5 billion, and helped to bring life to the company’s Keurig Kold line in 2015.

Caffeine Poisoning is a Thing. During the early days of development for the Keurig system, one of the founders experienced a traumatizing medical experience. He was rushed to the hospital for caffeine poisoning, determined from his reveal of drinking an average of 30-40 cups of coffee per day. Since this day, he has refrained from the use of the system altogether.

The Frappuccino Game. Feeling a little more like a Frappuccino today? No problem at all! The brewing system may produce only hot coffee, but that can be easily worked around. Just take advantage of the cold-brew options offered in K-cup form, brew them up, and throw them in a blender with some ice and cream.