Kerry Washington is a famous American actress. She gained wide public recognition for starring in the ABC drama Scandal. Here, MusicSnake Magazine put together a list of top ten interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Kerry Washington.

Number One: Kerry Washington Comes From A Family of Immigrants. Like many in the U.S., her family immigrated to the country via Ellis Island. The actress has positive proof of this too, her grandparents names are on the memorial wall on the island.

Number Two: The Actress Bucks The Birthday Gift Tradition. As the tradition goes, people receive presents on their birthday instead of give them. Kerry has changed this up a bit though. Every year, she gives her parents a gift instead.

Number Three: Washington Shares The Same Hobbies As Olivia Pope. Her character Olivia Pope is not shy to show off her swimming skills. This was not a hard thing to demonstrate for Kerry either since she swam for her high school’s swim team.

Number Four: She Is Named For A County In a Foreign Country. She has said that her nationality consists of English, Scottish and Native American Ancestry along with being descended from Caribbean slaves. This makes her name all the more interesting since she is named after Ireland’s County Kerry.

Number Five: The Actress Engrosses Herself In Her Roles. Whenever Kerry approaches a new project, she likes to totally immerse herself in the role. One example of this is she went to lesbian boot camp for her role Spike Lee’s  film She Hate Me (’04).

Number Six: The Celebrity Had A Few Famous Classmates. As a native New Yorker, Kerry was active in her local Boys and Girls Club in the Bronx. This just happened to be the same one J Lo visited too.

Number Seven: Kerry’s Sweet Sixteen Didn’t Mean Freedom On The Road. Growing up in NYC, she was surrounded by the subway and public transit, meaning she didn’t really need to drive. And who really wants to drive on city streets anyway? So, she didn’t get her license until she was in her mid-twenties.

Number Eight: Washington Didn’t Stop Learning After College. Once someone graduates from college, the grand majority of graduates enter the work force. She took a different approach and continued studying, but more interesting things like yoga and traditional Indian theater in India right after college.

Number Nine: Her Cousin is a Famous Politician. You would think that having her grandparent’s name on Ellis Island was unique enough. For her family it doesn’t stop there. Her cousin is former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Number Ten: The Actress Had A Career Path Outside Of Acting. Her career is taking off right now, so it is hard to imagine her doing anything else. But if she were to stop acting, she has said that she would want to be a clinical psychologist, studying how performance shapes a person’s identity.

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