Jennifer Lopez turned 50 this year but she looks exactly the same as she did in her 20’s. While much of her life has been put on display to the public, there are still some little-known facts that most people don’t know. Here, Musicsnake Magazine presents seven facts you probably didn’t know about J Lo.

Jennifer Lopez Was the First Woman Ever to Have a Number One Film and a Number One Album in the Same Week

Back in 2001, Jennifer Lopez feature film “The Wedding Planner” hit number one in the same week that her album, “J.Lo,” hit number one as well. Tracks off of the album include hits like “Ain’t It Funny,” “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” and “Play.”

J Lo Was an Executive Producer for the ABC Family Series The Fosters

As if you weren’t convinced she was talented enough, Jennifer also an executive producer. The series premiered in 2013, and the show revolved around a lesbian couple who are raising biological, adopted and, of course, foster children.

Lopez Describes Herself as a Tomboy

She has a scar on her forehead that she got from banging her head into a table. Jennifer was reportedly running around a mall when she incurred the scar.

She Was a Successful Actor Before She Became a Singer

Remember “Selena?” The 1997 film launched Jennifer Lopez to fame long before she became famous for singing. Before she forayed into singing, some critics were skeptical that she would be able to make it in the music industry. Oh, how wrong those critics were.

Fame Runs in Lopez Family

Jenny from the block isn’t the only famous Lopez sister. Her sister Leslie is a talented opera singer, and her younger sister Lynda has worked as an NBC news affiliate in NYC.

Jennifer Lopez Is Really Good at Sports

She was a star athlete in high school. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering her athletic and toned body build. Jennifer was involved in gymnastics, track, and softball. She even competed in track on a national level.