Jeff Bezos is the founder and CEO of Amazon. He is one of the most well-known names in the world, said to be worth almost 160 billion dollars. We here at MusicSnake decided it would be fun to find some of the lesser-known facts about the billionaire businessman.

Number One: Bezos Earns More Than $215 Million A Day

That’s right, the billionaire earns more money in a day than most people see in their entire lifetime. When broken down, a 2018 study shows that based on the yearly earnings of Bezos, the billionaire makes $215 million in a day, $8,961,187 million an hour, and $149,353 a minute (which is more than most Americans make in a year).

Number Two: He Is Officially The Richest Man On Earth

With an incredible $160 million dollar net worth, Jeff Bezos now tops the list as the world’s wealthiest man. Impressive!

Number Three: He Started Off As A McDonald’s Employee

Starting from very humble beginnings, Bezos’ first job was as a McDonald’s employee. He worked the back grill at the age of 16.

Number Four: His Dad Was a Circus Performer

Jeff Bezos’ father worked as a circus performer and left his son’s life when Bezos was only three years old. Astonishingly, years later, Bezo’s father discovered who his son was, having no idea he had become a billionaire.

Number Five: Blue Origin

Bezos owns and is the founder of a private rocketship company called Blue Origin. The companies vision is ultimately to enable people to live and work in outer space.

Number Six: Netflix Turned Down Bezos

The popular streaming service actually turned down Bezos’ offer to purchase the company in 1998.

Number Seven: Dreams of Space Exploration

The businessman turned billionaire originally had dreams of becoming an astronaut after watching Apollo 11.

Number Eight: As A Toddler, Bezos Dismantled His Own Crib

When Bezos was only three years old he actually dismantled his own crib using a screwdriver because he “wanted to sleep in a normal bed.”

Number Nine: Bezos Had A Wall Street Job

The businessman worked on Wall Street for several years. In 1994, on Independence day, Bezos drove to Seattle, Washington to begin what would eventually become Amazon.

Number Ten: Bezos Has Four Children

Jeff Bezos and his now ex-wife Mackenzie Bezos, have four children. The couple has three sons, and one daughter who they adopted from China. Thanks for reading!

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