Jean Reno is a French actor who has proved to be one of the most talented actors of his generation. He’s a naturally gifted actor who is able to take any kind of roles and make a superb performance out of it. Here, MusicSnake Magazine presents our list of twelve interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Jean Reno.

Number One: Jean Reno Is an ISFP. According to Jungian Briggs Myers’ personality test, he is an ISFP type, or The Composer. That stands for Introverted, Feeling, Perceiving and Sensing.

Number Two: Leon Was Written With Him in Mind. Jean Reno and Luc Besson have a long cinematic history. They first worked together in Besson’s short film L’avant dernier, in ’81, and have been collaborating ever since. Luc never considered any other actor for the role of Leon. Keanu Reeves showed interest in the part, but couldn’t get it because it was written with Reno in mind from the very beginning.

Number Three: You Will Never Believe What Character He Played. He played Doraemon! It was in a series of Toyota commercials shot and aired in Japan.

Number Four: The Actor Prefers Doing Comedies. In the United States he is most famous for his roles in American thrillers and action movies (GodzillaMission: Impossible, The Da Vinci Code, Ronin) but, in France, he works in comedies most of the time. “I’m not one of those guys who’s fascinated by guns. That’s why I like to do a lot of comedies in France.”

Number Five: French Critics Feel Betrayed by The Actor. According to Reno, French critics don’t praise him the way American ones do. Apparently, he has been accused of selling out to the American entertainment market. “In France, if you have any sort of talent, you’d better keep it here. And if you’re going to go abroad, it had better not be America.”

Number Six: Nicolas Sarkozy Was His Best Man. France former President Nicolas Sarkozy was his best man at his 3rd wedding, to Zofia Borucka, in ’06. The actor and president were neighbors for ten years in Paris and became very close friends.

Number Seven: The Camel Is His Spirit Animal. He identifies with a camel because, Reno says, life moves slowly (like a camel) and the landscape is constantly changing. “I don’t know why, but for me it is evident that, inside me, I am a camel.”

Number Eight: Jean Reno is a Skilled Diver. He took diving lessons for one year to prepare for his role in The Big Blue. One of the most challenging things about the role was having to hold his breath for several minutes for Besson to shoot the perfect underwater sequence. Once the movie was released, he would often go free diving to see sharks when on vacation.

Number Nine: He is a Closet Drummer. The actor loves listening to music, whether it be jazz or classical, although it’s 1970’s rock what he enjoys the most. He plays the guitar, the piano, and the drums.

Number Ten: Reserve Jean Reno Olive Oil. His Spanish roots show through his passion for olive oil. He has his own line of extra virgin olive oil, which he produces, in short quantities, in the South of France.

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