James Cameron is one of the most known directors, whose films have probably touched more people than anyone. Here, MusicSnake Magazine, presents a list of top 7 rare facts you probably didn’t know about the filmmaker.

Number One: James Cameron is a Desk Man

In the past, he has had quite a number of desks set up in his home, which he used to organize the different films he was making. One was entirely devoted to making Rambo: First Blood Part II, another for Aliens, and his last for Terminator.

Number Two: He Loves Anime

Something that not many people know about this director is the fact that he loves anime, which is pretty awesome. In fact, many of his opinions of certain releases can be found in the back of DVDs.

Number Three: Cameron is Too Cheap for Some Things

Once, in an interview, he admitted that he was too cheap to pay for a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. However, he’s apparently not cheap enough to forego a Canadian one.

Number Four: The Story Behind Iron Jim

Working in the industry for many years, the director acquired this nickname: Iron Jim. He received it because of the way Cameron directs, which is stubborn and tough. He is not really the nicest man in the workplace.

Number Five: He is a Lefty

About 10% of the world’s population is left-handed, and James Cameron seems to be one of them. In addition, the filmmaker was the person who drew Rose’s portrait in Titanic.

Number Six: James Cameron Calls Titanic His Chick Flick

It is pretty fun to learn that he refers to his film Titanic as being a chick flick, but not just any film of this genre. More specifically, this big director calls it his super expensive chick flick, and it was: the film itself cost 190 million dollars in ’97.

Number Seven: He Had to Prove Avatar Was His Idea

Amongst all the hype surrounding Avatar, some people wondered whether or not the man was its original creator. He ended up writing a more than 40-page text proving why his ideas surrounding the film were his.

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