Festivals are a lot of fun but they present some unique challenges when it comes to personal hygiene. Between standing in the sun all day and camping at night, you can wind up pretty dirty and smelly by the end of the festival if you don’t make a little bit of an effort to clean up. Hang up your glow necklaces at the end of the night and read some of my best tips for staying clean at festivals below:

Have Money Available for a Shower

Depending on where you are camping, there may be showers available for a fee. Typically, the cost is anywhere from about $5-$10 to take a shower. Even though this sounds like a lot, the feeling of being clean is well worth the money in my book. Consider packing a bathing suit and some flip-flops so that you can shower more comfortably. Cleaning up is easy when you plan ahead for this extra expense.

Pack Some Eco-Friendly Soap or Shampoo

Some festivals like Bonnaroo allow people to clean up in nearby streams as long as they use biodegradable products. Even though bathing in a cold stream isn’t a lot of fun, the feeling of being clean when you are done makes it all worthwhile. This is particularly true if you are extremely sweaty or if your hair is drenched in grease. Once you are done washing your hair, spray it with a little bit of leave in conditioner before getting back to the festivities.

Freshen Up With Baby Wipes Before Bed

You can use them to wipe away dirt and sweat on your face, from your armpits, or your feet. You may even want to carry a few in a small zipper bag with you throughout the day so that you can periodically wipe away sweat.

Turn a Frisbee Into a Makeshift Sink

Even though this sounds strange, it really works. All that you have to do is turn the Frisbee upside down and pour a little bit of water into it. You can then use this water to wash your face. Bottled water also works well for brushing your teeth. Simply brush, spit, and rinse your mouth out with a swig of water from the bottle.

Use Dry Shampoo and Add a Primer Under Your Makeup

Dry shampoo is designed to soak up oil from your hair, which can help you go longer before washing it. If you don’t want your makeup to slide off your face when you get sweaty, a makeup primer can help. Of course, there is always the option of skipping makeup during the festival, as well. If you like to look your best, though, a primer can keep you looking fresher and more pulled together all day.

Don’t Go Overboard on the Makeup

A little bit of makeup can make you feel more confident and put together. Simple items like eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss are easy to pack and easy to apply. Just avoid bringing along too much makeup. Since most festivals are hot, your makeup could wind up melting. Plus, you don’t want to have to spend all day dealing with your makeup instead of enjoying the festivities.

Pack Essentials

Pack essentials along with you, including deodorant, hair ties, and solution for your contact lenses. If you take any medication, bring it with you as well.

Brings Sunscreen

Nothing is worse than getting a serious sunburn at a festival. Pack sunscreen with a high SPF and reapply it frequently to prevent burns.

These are some of my favorite tips for staying clean and fresh at a festival.