HIV (the human immunodeficiency viruses) is known as the most terrifying of all sexually transmitted diseases, claiming millions of lives worldwide. Here, MusicSnake Magazine put together a list of top 12 facts you probably didn’t know about the Deadly Virus.

Number One: HIV – Middle-Aged Sufferers

Studies conducted a few years back suggested that there was a specific age range that has the highest number of HIV. This was 45 to 49 years old.

Number Two: Hemo – Goblin

Back in the 1980’s, DC Comics came up with a villain named Hemo – Goblin. The character was a vampire with HIV created by white supremacists with the sole intention of infecting minorities. This comic wasn’t very popular and only ended up appearing in one issue.

Number Three: The Virus Survives in Dried Blood

This is only if the blood stays at the optimum pH level. If those conditions are met, the virus survives in dried blood for up to 5 or 6 days in room temperature.

Number Four: Bushmeat Theory

This is the name scientists assign to their opinion of the origin of HIV. The disease started in chimps and monkeys and was passed through humans. We assume it was passed onto humans via African hunters who could have suffered scratches or bites from their infected prey.

Number Five: Stealthy Camouflage

This virus sneaks past autoimmune cells by camouflaging itself. HIV fools the body into thinking it is a nutrient instead of harmful by surrounding itself with sugar molecules.

Number Six: You Can’t Get It Through a Mosquito Bite

I think we have all heard that it is possible to contract this virus through an infected mosquito. Don’t worry, this is a myth!

Number Seven: African – Americans are Affected the Most

It is said by scientific research that rates of infection are 8 times greater among blacks than in whites. In ’14, almost half of the new HIV diagnoses in America were among African-Americans.

Number Eight: Government Conspiracy

According to research, as many as 30% of African-Americans and Latinos believe that the disease is a government conspiracy created with the intention of killing off certain ethnic groups. It’s true, even today.

Number Nine: Widow – Cleansing

There is a country in Africa called Malawi. In this country, the virus is spread via the practicing of widow-cleansing, in which a woman with a deceased spouse is expected to engage in sexual activities to cleanse herself. It is believed that if she does not have sex with someone, the spirit of her dead spouse will haunt her and her family.

Number Ten: It First Occurred in the 40’s – 50’s

This is a relatively young disease, and the first known human to contract it was a citizen of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Scientists estimate that the original infection of a human happened in the late 1940’s or possibly early 1950’s.

Number Eleven: Tanzania’s Twisted Superstitions

In this Tanzania, albino people are raped and killed because of a superstition surrounding HIV, which states that raping an albino girl cures AIDS. Other people kill albinos and use their blood or hair for AIDS-curing potions.

Number Twelve: The Highest HIV or AIDS Rate in America

This record goes to the District of Columbia. In 2010, 112 out of 100,000 people in The District of Columbia had it.

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