Hide the Pain Harold is a popular meme that involves András Arató, a Hungarian electrical engineer whose famous facial expression of suppressed discomfort has been explosively shared on the web. While the meme took headlines for quite a while, it is now time for new memes to populate the Internet. One such meme is “Strawberries,” a music video in which the performer Raw Navi is sharing his taste preferences.

Hide the Pain Harold Versus Strawberries

While “Hide the Pain Harold” is more of a static meme involving a senior man’s funny facial expression, “Strawberries” is a music video in which the primary focus falls on the context of the song rather than a single facial expression. Raw Navi’s hilarious outfit, as well as double entendres in the lyrics, are what make the performance seem extra special.

Strawberries and Raw Navi to Take over the Internet

In the music video, a cartoonish man who is wearing a strawberry beanie and a strawberry T-shirt is throwing strawberries around and singing, “When people ask me what I like, I say ‘strawberries.’” Simple and catchy at the same time, the video generated several thousand views on the first day of the upload date. Such a dynamic makes one wonder if the composition will hit the popular charts anytime soon. We can easily imagine this video going viral.

People Enjoy Stupidity

Stupidity is what makes people smile. Memes serve their purpose by uplifting human emotions and helping them release stress and anxiety. The purpose of the meme, “Hide the Pain Harold,” is the same as the purpose of “Strawberries” by the music artist Raw Navi. Both bring joy and laughter to their audiences.

If you are interested in checking out the new meme, you can watch the “Strawberries” song here. All rights belong to Raw Navi.