Groupon is an American worldwide e-commerce marketplace, one of the most well-known and highly regarded companies of its time. However, despite the fact that Groupon has spent a considerable amount of time in the spotlight, there are still some rare facts that many people don’t know.

Number One: Groupon and Pizza

Pizza Fact One: The billionth one sold was for an $11 for $20 promotion at Pirrone’s Pizzeria, located in the St. Louis area. Pizza Fact Two: The very first coupon the company sold was in ’08 and was good for $26 worth of pizza (it cost $13). Pizza Fact Three: An impressive 81,174,020 slices of pizza have been bought with Groupons since the very first one in ’08. Considering the first and last Groupon were both for pizza, the company truly has come full circle.

Number Two: The Person Who Bought the Billionth Groupon Gets an Entire Year for Free

As if buying the billionth one was not lucky enough, the person who bought it will receive $100 in Groupon good at local businesses for an entire calendar year. The person who bought the billionth Groupon is named Kat Rowe.

Number Three: Groupon is Responsible for an Extra $8B Going to Local Businesses

There’s no secret that Groupon values local businesses, but most people don’t realize just how much the company helped over the years. Since the company began, it helped consumers put more than $8 billion back into local businesses.

Number Four: Most Merchants Have 20 or Fewer Employees

In fact, more than 90% of the merchants in the U.S. have 20 or fewer employees – that’s almost all of them. 30% of the company’s merchants in the US are the sole proprietor.

Number Five: The Company Reached $1 Billion Milestone Faster Than any Other Company

Groupon was valued at $1B after just 16 months – the fastest a company has ever accomplished this. Impressive!

Number Six: Glamburger

In ’14, one London restaurant partnered with Groupon to create the Glamburger. The burger, which cost $1,770, featured Kobe Wagyu beef, gold leaf, black truffle brie, smoked salt and caviar.

Number Seven: It’s Sold 317 Miles of Stacked Burgers

Chances are you will either find this amazing or disgusting, but the fact remains intact. The app has sold enough burger Groupons that the burgers eaten using them would stack up 317 miles high.

Number Eight: The App is Making Rhode Island Famous

In 2016 the app released its list of the top 10 cities that have the friendliest local businesses, and Providence, Rhode Island, was number one. Number two was Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and number three was New Orleans, Louisiana.

Number Nine: It Is Possible to Live Off of Groupons for an Entire Year

Josh Stevens decided to attempt the challenge the company created and successfully lived off of Groupons for an entire year. The guy received a prize of $100,000 as a result.

Number Ten: It Would Take You 32 Years to Say ‘Groupon’ One Billion Times

It’s true! Don’t even try to celebrate the Groupon’s billionth sale by repeating the company’s name one billion times. It would take you 32 years. Thanks for reading!

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