GoPro has changed the video industry with its incredibly high resolution, easy to carry action cameras. How much do you know about the revolutionary camera manufacturer? Keep reading, and stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

Number One: GoPro’s Surf Origins. The company was founded by Nick Woodman in 2002, in a VW bus! Woodman travelled all the way from California to Australia on a five-month surf trip hoping to capture some quality pictures of his surfing. Woodman established his camera company there, which he sustained by selling beads and shell belts to other surfers at the beach.

Number Two: The Stolen ‘Office’. Woodman, who struggled with money for a while until his business took off, used his 1971 Volkswagen bus as his home and office. He even christened it: ‘the biscuit’. His company went through a gravely undermining episode when his beloved VR got stolen after his first deal in 2004.

Number Three: It’s Very Resistant. Perhaps what sets GoPro apart from other action camera companies out there is how resilient its products are. Impact, shock and waterproof, there are thousands of videos out there of GoPro cameras surviving incredible falls. Like this one; the GoPro camera used to shoot the aerial video was dropped at 12,500 ft tall by a skydiver and remained intact.

Number Four: It Originally Came in 35mm Film. The company sold its first camera in 2004, which used 35mm film. Digital cameras were already used by most other companies, but Woodman didn’t introduce it into GoPro at first. The original camera included a transparent underwater case and a wrist strap.

Number Five: 3D Cameras. GoPro offers the possibility to shoot 3D images and videos. However, two cameras are needed for this process. It’s one of the first and few commercial camera companies that allow for this possibility.

Number Six: GoPro’s Cinematic Legacy. Filmmakers quickly realized GoPro’s commercial potential, which allows them to film HD footage without a huge equipment investment. Independent and documentary filmmakers, in particular, rely on GoPro quite often to film footage. Some of the productions shot, or partially shot with a GoPro, include Breaking Bad, End of Watch, Worm, Rush, Gravity, Need for Speed, Captain Phillips, The Martian and Afflicted.

Number Seven: Your Dog Can Be a Filmmaker. GoPro has a product aimed specifically at dogs. ‘Fetch’ is a canine harness with different mounting locations, depending on the angle you (or your dog) want to shoot from. It’s waterproof and totally adjustable!

Number Eight: GoPro Has Been Sued by Polaroid. Polaroid released a very, very little Cube Camera in 2014 that shoots HD video. The manufacturers behind Polaroid’s product weren’t happy to find out GoPro’s new product, the Hero 4 Session, looks strikingly similar to their concept. GoPro was sued in November 2015 over infringement on a patented design. We still don’t know how it all will turn out.

Number Nine: Best Unintentional Video Ever. A skydiver dropped his GoPro camera from a plane in 2014 and unintentionally created the best, funniest short film of the decade. This is Oscar-worthy material!

Number Ten: A GoPro Seagull Production. A cheeky seagull stole a camera from a couple of tourists atop a lighthouse in Spain’s Islas Cíes and accidentally shot the most superb aerial video of the gorgeous landscape. The German visitors got their camera back and were impressed by the footage.

Number Twelve: Woodman Modelled for GoPro Ads. Woodman said his company was profitable from day one, but not profitable enough to hire models for their ads. Instead, he saved money by modeling himself for GoPro’s early packaging.

Number Thirteen: It Once Had Just Eight Employees. Four years after its establishment, and despite its increasing success, GoPro only had eight employees. As of September 2015, GoPro had 1,460 employees.

Number Fourteen: Daily Giveaway. GoPro’s executives love having their customers engaged, and they do whatever they can to keep them happy. For 5 years, GoPro offered a daily giveaway, in which more than 1500 cameras and over $4 million in equipment were awarded to some lucky winners. The giveaway was terminated in March 2015 due to a financial shortage, but some exceptional competitions are still carried out on their webpage.

We hope you enjoyed our list. Stay tuned for new interesting tech articles!