Being involved in various investment fields, Goldman Sachs has seen its share of developments and events. This giant multinational investment group makes you want to dig up the most interesting facts about it. Here, MusicSnake Magazine presents our list of ten interesting facts you didn’t know about the corporation.

They Own The Art Institute Of Technology. Goldman Sachs partly owns this famous institute. You’ll not get a degree there if you have anything less than $40,000.

Goldman Sachs “Compiled The Next Eleven”

With conjunction with Jim O’Neil, an economist, Goldman Sachs has come up with a list of 11 countries. It’s said that these countries have potential of developing into large economies.T

They Once Received A Cool $10 Billion From The US Treasury. This big investor got a fat check in 2008 after the US Treasury decided to give them a check worth $10 billion. Goldman Sachs would later give back the money by giving out loans.

They Have A Special Way Of Making Money. Being a great company, Goldman Sachs has links everywhere and plays a major role in the economy. In fact, even the Federal Reserve is in game with them.

Their 2008 Loss Analysis Was Very Mind-Boggling

In 2008, 27% of the corporation’s hedge funds were lost. The more interesting part happened when it was determined that the related causes of the loss were all similar – all of 25 sigma statistically!

They Had A Beef With Microsoft. They once lodged an interesting complaint with Microsoft. Apparently, MS Word’s auto-correct feature didn’t like Goldman Sachs, as it always corrected it to Goddamn Sachs.

They Did Something Very Generous In Tierra Del Fuego. It happened in 2004 when Goldman Sachs decided to boost the strength of the Wildlife Conservation Society by donating 680,000 acres of land to it. Impressive!

The Treasury Secretary Worked For Them Tax-Free

Before becoming the Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson used to work for Goldman Sachs. The best part? He used to sell the company’s shares, and they were tax-free.

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