Rapper Frea King aka MusicSnake and Gogol Bordello accordionist Pasha Newmer  have recently announced their new genre bending joint musical effort. They have christened themselves MusicSnake feat. Newmer.

Alongside the announcement of their partnership, the duo has also released their debut single called Elusive Light, a Lil Nas X esque tune. It dropped on streaming platforms on August 31st. MusicSnake feat. Newmer hope that this debut single marks the beginning of their experimentation with a new musical genre they have invented. They have called it folk-hop, a simple homage to the genre’s combination of folk music and hip-hop sound. They look forward to expanding the folk-hop genre even further. 

The combination of folk and hip hop inspired sounds makes Elusive Light an entirely unique song. It has ethereal female vocals throughout every chorus, and beats similar to those on Lil Nas X’s hit remix of Old Town Road, featuring Billy Ray Cyrus. So, country music fans need not be afraid of giving Elusive Light a listen. Pasha Newmer’s accordion playing lends the song a bold, unusual flavor. At first listen, the single sounds like it’s going to be something traditional. It initially sounds like a stereotypical French ballad. However, don’t let that turn you off. When paired with MusicSnake’s hip-hop, the song morphs into something modern, approachable and fresh This makes Elusive Light’s subject matter, a metaphorical story of unattainable dreams all the more enchanting. It has already earned a spot on Apple Music Global hip-hop charts. 

The new musical duo recorded the song at Studio Circle Recordings. A music studio in San Mateo, California, Studio Circle has served as a workspace for many other musicians. Dr. Dre’s son, recorded songs there, as have the beloved U2, and The A Team singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran.  

This may be the beginning of MusicSnake feat Newmer’s partnership, but it is certainly not their first foray into the music world. MusicSnake achieved success with his 2018 song, No One Loved Me. Pasha Newmer is known for his work as the accordionist in the New York punk group, Gogol Bordello. He also starred in the second season of Aziz Ansari’s top Netflix show, Master of None.