Designed by the geniuses, Gmail is one of the world’s most popular email services and is used by millions of people every day. However, even some of the most loyal Gmail users aren’t fully aware of everything that the program has to offer. Here, MusicSnake Magazine presents its list of the top secret Gmail features you didn’t know existed. Check out our list below.

Get Read Receipts

We’ve all faced the struggles of ignored emails and eagerly awaiting particular replies, and now you can put your mind at ease. Though not many people know about this, you could be receiving read receipts to see when your emails have been opened. Many extensions offer services like this, including Bananatag Email Tracking, Sidekick, and Intelliverse Email Tracker.

Connect Your Accounts. Google email service is especially helpful in organizing multiple email accounts. They make it possible to connect each of your email accounts, making it simple to have separate accounts for work, personal, shopping, etc. There is also a way to alter your settings to see new emails from all, or some, of these accounts simultaneously.

Get Reminded with a Text. There are many programs available that offer to notify you at your discretion. Some paid services require a fee, but there are free substitutes on the web with the same features. All you have to do is denote important emails, say, from a specific sender, and the program will text you when your inbox receives an email from this person.

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Those Dots Don’t Matter

Many people incorporate periods (“.”) into their email addresses to separate their first, middle, and last names. However, if your email address is “[email protected],” Gmail treats it exactly the same as “[email protected]” or “[email protected]

You Can Put Your Accounts to Sleep. Gmail offers a cool app called Boomerang which allows you to set up emails to return to your inbox at your discretion. With this feature, you can choose to have an email pop up in an hour, a day, or even at a chosen time.

Delete Everything with One Click. Spring cleaning is approaching soon, and you shouldn’t neglect your electronic life. It can be tedious going page-by-page to delete only 25 or 50 emails at a time, so Gmail allows you to delete every email in your inbox, if desired. Just click on the little part of the page that tells you how many emails you see per page, and an option to “show more messages” will appear. Click that and select “All”, and delete as normal in one easy click.

The Perks of the Plus Sign

There are few things more maddening than learning you’ve accidentally subscribed to a newsletter you definitely don’t need. Next time you enter your email address somewhere, use the “+” sign followed by any word to track how it’s used. For example, if you purposefully subscribe to a clothing website’s newsletter, you could type “[email protected],” and you’ll still get the emails. Later on, you can filter your emails using that address to see if the website has given your email address out to anyone else.

Un-Send an Email. There is a window of a few seconds after you hit “Send” that you can actually un-send an email. To do this, click on the gear icon, select Settings, and go to Labs. Once there, scroll down to find “undo send.” You can enable it in increments of 5, 10, 20, and 30 seconds after you send an email.

Use ‘Send and Archive’ to Minimize Clutter. In case you get an email that you respond to but don’t need to keep, there’s a trick for that – Send and Archive. After typing your response to the email, instead of hitting “Send,” hit “Send and Archive.” The conversation will disappear from your inbox, but it will be archived – not placed in the trash.

You Could Set Up Gmail Notifications

If you get a lot of important emails that require attention as soon as possible, you might need to start using the platform’s notification feature. Turn on chat or mail notifications in your settings under “Desktop Notifications”, and every time you receive an email labeled as important it will pop up on your screen no matter what you are doing.

There is More Than Just One Star. Are you a busy emailer? The “star” option can become your best friend. Although, did you know there is more than one star? Stars come in six different colors, and even an array of other symbols, to help you sort your mail. You can use whichever is your favorite for all of your starred emails, or you can create separate folders for each symbol to further organize your emails. Don’t forget to check back soon for our part two article, revealing the top eight best things you didn’t know about Gmail of them all. We hope you enjoyed our list about the top 11 Gmail secrets you didn’t know.