Global warming is the long-term rise in the average temperature and there are a lot of facts about it floating around. But not all of them can be substantiated. Here, MusicSnake Magazine compiled a list of top ten 10 myths about global warming – the ones that your friends keep telling you at parties but you just shouldn’t buy.

Number One: Global Warming Causes Lyme Disease. Alarmists have stated that warmer temperatures cause the spread of Lyme disease; however, tics actually prefer cooler climates and temperatures. The only variable that has been linked to an increase in instances of Lyme disease is the presence of greenery and forests.

Number Two: Global Warming Is Causing a Beetle overload. Some scientists claim that the mountain pine beetle, which feed on pine trees to survive, will destroy many forests if their population continues to grow. The scientists blame warmer temperatures for the beetles’ population growth. However, there is no substantiated link between warmer temperatures and the beetles’ population growth.

Number Three: Climate Change Is Making Sea Levels Rise. Many researchers have stated that, by 2100, sea levels could be nearly one meter higher than they are now. However, this is not at all realistic, especially when you consider that the pace of sea level rise has not increased at all in the most recent decades.

Number Four: It Causes Infectious Disease. Some scientists blame global warming for the spread and resurgence of diseases like malaria. However, it is exactly these same scientists who are causing the spread. Environmentalists have pushed the elimination of DDT, a potent mosquito killer; it is these same mosquitos that cause malaria. No DDT means more mosquitos, which just means more malaria.

Number Five: It Caused Thousands of Bats to Die in Australia. In the U.S., wind power leads to the deaths of approximately one million bats. Alarmists blame global warming for the deaths of 100,000 deaths in Australia in the summer of ’14 due to a massive heat wave. However, there is no substantiated evidence that global warming is what caused this heat wave.

Number Six: It Worsens Allergies. Alarmists believe that pollen levels will be significantly higher in just thirty years. This may be true, but it’s not a bad thing! More pollen means more plants and vegetation, and more vegetation means a better and more sustainable ecosystem for us.

Number Seven: Canada Is Becoming Greener Thanks to Global Warming. In a ’12 study, scientists stated that vegetation is growing in Canada at a faster rate than in the U.S. Global warming alarmists have balked at this statement, worrying that the whole of the United States will eventually have to move to Canada. There is no evidence supporting this claim.

Number Eight: Climate Change Will Make Us More Vulnerable to Terrorism. Some people believe that global warming will be a “threat multiplier” in most third world countries, meaning that food shortages and natural disasters may incite mass migrations or worse, wars. However, the truth is that we don’t know that global warming will cause food shortages or an increase in natural disasters, and crop production in the United States is actually at an all-time high. Busted.

Number Nine: The Price of Global Warming Is Astronomical. Many scientists have implied that the costs of global warming will increase with the rising temperatures. However, though the price of natural disasters is indeed astronomical, there is no evidence supporting the claim that instances of natural disasters are increasing. In fact, according to one study, instances of extreme weather events are decreasing as time goes on.

Number Ten: It Is Killing Glaciers. In ’13, a large iceberg broke from the Pine Island Glacier, which is one of the most important glaciers belonging to the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Though this is an alarming fact, what scientists failed to mention is that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is actually growing! There is no substantiated connection between global warming and the breaking of these glaciers, as it is a very routine occurrence.

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