Of course the term “the best” is always subjective and mainly used for clickbait effect. But in this case, the term is used to highlight unique vision and approach of a Silicon Valley based digital marketing agency Global Marketing.

Just like Elon with Musk’s The Brick Store LLC, the company that brings in additional revenue by selling the byproduct from tunnel boring as bricks instead of paying for its utilization, Global Marketing turns the table and helps its clients to use their companies weaknesses as the biggest strengths.

Fred King, founder of Global Marketing
Fred King, founder of Global Marketing (globalmarketing.io)

For the last 5 years Fred King, the founder of Global Marketing, helped dozens of clients in a variety of industries to find unique and creative solutions. The clients who spent huge budgets on ineffective sponsored articles moved forward to their own in-house media outlet. Global Marketing team powered those clients’ websites with blogs that where submitted and approved by Google News and Apple News. This one-time solution helped the companies become more visible on the market and grow organically without spending extra resources. Other clients who needed video content coverage and who spent marketing budgets on TV and YouTube coverage, received help from Global Marketing with creation of their own YouTube channel, developing their unique video format, growing their follower base and access to YouTube Space.

According to Global Marketing’s internal statistics, the most demanded service of 2019 was online reputation management. Even though startups spend all of their time on establishing business models and improving client relationships, it’s almost impossible to completely avoid negative reviews, skeptical articles and other things that can ruin the entire business on its early stage. To quickly help businesses get recovery from this type of damage, Fred King’s digital marketing team use a set of unique tools and techniques that involve mass media connections, local experts and aggressive SEO approaches.

Global Marketing is very selective about its clients. The company only takes on clients it believes in and shares main values with. The reason for such careful approach is the company’s mission – to develop successful business models for its clients and build strong long-term relationships.