The California native, G-Eazy, is known for his albums ‘These Things Happen’ and ‘When It’s Dark Out’. The artist currently has over eight million followers on Instagram and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Below we’ve compiled the top 10 facts about G-Eazy that you definitely need to know.

Number One: G-Eazy Toured With Drake. Early on in his career (while still in school!) G-Eazy went on tour with Drake. He actually left the tour early in order not to fail one of his classes.

Number Two: He Graduated From Loyola University. The now rapper graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Music Industry studies. While at university, he used to make albums for other local rappers.

Number Three: His Real Name is Gerald Earl Gillum. So how did he wind up with the name G-Eazy? According to the rapper, he got his name Gerald after his grandfather, and as a child, his nickname was G.E. (his initials). From there, the G-Eazy just sort of naturally formed. 

Number Four: His Style Icon is Johnny Cash. G-Eazy though Johnny Cash was cool and came across as a rebel of sorts. He loved dressing in all-black, and the idea that he never had to conform to a certain style.

Number Five: The Endless Summer. His mixtape, “The Endless Summer“, is essentially where the artist caught his big break. Released in 2011, the mixtape caught a wave, and G-Eazy wound up on tour with Drake and Lil Wayne.

Number Six: He Brings His Mother on Tour! The rapper loves to bring his mother on tour with him and even invited her to join him on stage. How sweet!

Number Seven: Family Feud. When G-Eazy was young, his father had an affair and so his parents wound up getting divorced. Gerald, his brother, and his mother temporarily moved in with his grandparents while dealing with the separation. Gerald’s mother eventually remarried – to a woman named Melissa – which brings us to our next fact.

Number Eight: G-Eazy Discovered His Mother’s Partner When She Died. Unfortunately, G-Eazy’s mother’s partner Melissa was severely depressed. When G was only 16 years old he discovered Melissa’s dead body in the basement of their house. He references this experience in his song “Everything Will Be Okay“.

Number Nine: The First Time He Drank Alcohol was in 8th Grade. According to G, the first time he drank alcohol was in 8th grade with a bunch of college kids. The rapper also reports that he smoked weed for the first time at the age of twelve.

Number Ten: He Has a Lot Of Famous Collabs. From Britney Spears to Halsey to Cardi B, the rapper has quite an impressive list of collaborations.

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