Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur and co-founder of Propy Blog, Fred King, shared his thoughts on recently updated version of Propy Transaction. “Propy Transaction is the only blockchain-powered real estate transaction platform on the market that allows users to close the entire deal online. This is the future of global real estate that will entirely change the game and will allow buyers and sellers to use Propy as they use Amazon. With Propy, real estate transactions are fast, simple, global and secure,” – he said.

Fred also expressed his strong confidence in blockchain and crypto community in general. “With large players like Facebook entering the crypto market with Libra, we can be sure that change is imminent. Propy is here to shutter the traditionally conservative real estate industry and enable property transfers with a click of a button using secure blockchain technology. The times when real estate transactions were costly, lengthy, and stressful are about to end.” 

Recently NAR’s venture capital invested in blockchain-powered Propy which immediately brought the startup new clients and business partners. It also increased the price of PRO token by more than 10%.

Propy is a global property marketplace and decentralized title registry built on Ethereum blockchain. The company was founded by Natalia Karayaneva. It previously raised $15.5 million via an initial coin offering in 2017.