Marshall Mather aka Eminem! The real Slim Shady and the bleach blonde white dude who really knows how to write some slick lyrics. One of the most controversial musicians of the 21st century. With several Grammy awards and platinum records to his name. Eminem is often a closed book with regards to his personal life (apart from when he’s rapping about it in his tracks). Here MusicSnake Magazine put together a list of 10 facts you probably didn’t know about Eminem.

Eminem Never Finished School

With such cleverly written lyrics it can often be a shock to see that it was written by someone who didn’t finished their education. Failing 9th grade three times and eventually dropping out at aged 17, Eminem insists he was only bored.

Marshall Was Once A Target For The Secret Service

Rapping about Ex-President of the U.S. George Bush on the unreleased song ‘We As American.’ Eminem got in to a spot of bother when writing. ‘Fuck money / I don’t rap for dead presidents / I’d rather see the president dead.’ Prompting a rumored reaction from the American Secret Service.

Eminem Is Very Generous

Often depicted as angry, egocentric and a bit of an ass, he is actually a pretty cool guy, who has set up a number of foundations that support various charities all over the world. Focusing mainly in the place where he grew up, Michigan. MM is particularly geared towards helping the youngsters with his youth programs all over the state.

Elton John Helped Eminem Kick Drugs

When trying to quit Vicodin, the highly addictive prescription drug, he asked Elton John for help. Having previously performed together. Elton spent 18 months helping him kick his addiction for good.

Marshall’s Mother Sued Him

When he wrote the lyrics ‘My mother does more dope than I do’ in hit single ‘My Name Is’ his Mother sued him for defamation. Filing a suit for a reported $10 million, she stated to have suffered emotional turmoil and sleepless nights.

MM Did Not Want To Be A Rapper

As a youngster Marshall wasn’t interested in rapping or music. He often drew and enjoyed art and had a burning desire to become a comic book artist.

Eminem Has An Oscar

He won an Academy Award for best original song with the movie 8 Mile. However, Eminem didn’t attend the ceremony to collect the award.

He Competed In The ‘Olympics’

Competing in the 1997 Rap Olympics in Los Angeles, Eminem stunned audiences as he battled into second place behind non other than the famous freestyler Otherwize. Attracting attention due to MM style of rapping and superb confidence. Eminem was put in touch with producer Jimmy Iovine, who would then propel him to stardom.


Although it may be obvious it is surprising how little people know. With various suggestions and rumors such as ‘Every Mother Is Nice Not Mine’ to the Chocolate Candy. However it is actually an acronym for his real name – Marshall Mathers.

Marshall Mathers Was Bullied

Growing up in a rough neighborhood in Detroit he was regularly beaten up as a child. With his small height being a prime target for bullies. When MM was nine years old he was beaten so badly that he was put into a coma for a little over a week.