The King of Rock’n’Roll, Elvis Presley (Elvis Aaron Presley), may be dead, but he’s certainly not gone from our minds and hearts. Here, MusicSnake Magazine presents fourteen interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Elvis Presley.

Number One: Some Elvis Presley Impersonators Must Have Beards. Owing to extremely strict Islamic laws, people who want to impersonate Elvis in some countries must have beards. This is true in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Number Two: The Story of Scatter. Before he became wildly famous, Elvis had a chimpanzee who he named Scatter. He was able to train Scatter to look up women’s’ skirts.

Number Three: Elvis Was Packing. Everyone knows Elvis had some serious sex appeal, but apparently he used the help of a cardboard tube to supplement his natural gifts. One rumor alleges that he would put the cardboard tube in his pants to impress the ladies.

Number Four: The Drug Cocktail. Many people are aware that Elvis ingested drugs before he died, but do you know just what drugs were in his system? Doctors found the following drugs in his system when he died: morphine and Demerol (painkillers), Chlorpheniramine (antihistamine), and Placidyl and Valium (tranquilizers). Doctors also found quaaludes, codeine, Ethinamate and one more barbiturate in his system.

Number Five: He Liked Guns. Despite his seemingly peaceful nature, Elvis actually owned more than 40 firearms. Some of his more impressive firearms include several M-16s and at least one Thomson sub-machine gun.

Number Six: His Manager Tortured Chickens. Way before he signed Elvis, his manager Colonel Tom Parker worked with an act called Colonel Parker’s Dancing Chickens. His secret to getting the chickens to dance was making them stand on hot plates.

Number Seven: He Was Born Blonde. Though most people think of Elvis as the tall, dark and handsome type, he was actually blonde until his late teens, when his hair transitioned and became darker.

Number Eight: He Had a Laser-Shooting Suit. Right before the king died, he insisted that his electrician design a special suit for him. Specifically, he had his electrician design a suit for him that shot colorful laser beams at audience members in the crowd. Of course, they were harmless.

Number Nine: He Has a Strange Connection to Jeff Buckley. One of Elvis’ favorite spots to hang out was on Beale Street, located in Memphis, Tennessee. It was allegedly the birthplace of the blues. In ’97, decades after Elvis’ died, the body of singer and songwriter Jeff Buckley washed up on that very same street.

Number Ten: His Death Beat His Bankruptcy. Some rumors allege that if Elvis would have lived just six months longer, he would have had to file bankruptcy. However, we’ll never be able to know for sure.

Number Eleven: He Was Skilled at Karate. Elvis first took up martial arts after he finished his military duties in Germany. He began martial arts in 1958 and eventually became a black belt.

Number Twelve: The Robert Sillerman Story. You might be aware that Rober Sillerman owns the mega hit TV show American Idol, but did you know he also has a connection to Elvis? In 2005, Sillerman bought an 85 percent stake in the Elvis Presley Enterprises. This means that Sillerman has control of both Elvis’ name and likeness.

Number Thirteen: He Was Apparently Impotent. According to one of Elvis’ girlfriends, Peggy Lipton, he was nearly impotent. Lipton said that she thought he was impotent because of all of his drug use.

Number Fourteen: His One-Night Stand. According to an associate, Byron Raphael, Elvis had a one-night stand with sex symbol Marilyn Monroe in 1956. However, the relationship did not continue, as Elvis thought Marilyn was a little too tall for him.

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