Doodle Jump is a video game developed and published by Lima Sky and become a nation-wide guilty pleasure for passing the time and relieving boredom. So why not hone your skills? Here, we put together a list of top six Doodle Jump Cheat Codes, Tips and Tricks.

Number One: Doodle Jump Cheat Codes. Unless you have taken the time to research ways to be better at this mobile app, you probably didn’t know that there are a number of cheat codes available to give you an extra advantage. To use these codes, all you have to do is give your character a special name on the Game Over screen. Type in “Ooga” to jump with the caveman from Pocket Gods, “Creeps” to shoot at different enemies, “Bunny” to have your Doodler Jumper wear a bunny suit, or “E.B.” or “HOP” to change your doodle character to the character E.B. from the movie HOP.

Number Two: Changing it Up. New additions to the homepage of the app often go unnoticed, and we understand – nothing can stand between you and your mobile gaming addiction. If you take a moment to look closer at the home screen, you might just notice a handful of cool, additional features. If you scroll to the bottom, you will find a number of themes that can be chosen to add a twist to your game play, including Christmas, Space, Rainforest, Halloween and Soccer scenes.

Number Three: Practice with Classic. In a high-risk game like Doodle Jump, failing is often inevitable. Face it folks: sometimes, your little doodle-jumper is going to die. Although, if your constant deaths are really getting on your nerves, just try playing in Classic Mode. Though most people are primarily concerned with conquering as many levels as possible, Classic Mode can help you practice your moves so you don’t die as obnoxiously often.

Number Four: Mastering the Hard Levels. As your Doodle Jumper gets higher on the platforms, you will have less time to maneuver the faster platforms. Therefore, aiming for higher platforms can prove to be riskier than when you started the game. To conquer these harder levels, take the safe route and aim lower. In the long run, it will be worth the extra time.

Number Five: The Secret to the Perfect Shot. If you have been playing this game for a while, you have definitely realized by now that when the bad guys come out to play, the Doodle Jumper has to shoot them away. To get the Doodle Jumper to shoot, all you have to do is touch the screen in the direction of the target. Having your finger in the way may be hindering your aim. You can also aim by clicking at the bottom of the screen; the projectile will still shoot in an upward direction.

Number Six: The Patterns. If you have not yet noticed that the platforms in this game appear in a certain pattern, well, you are probably pretty new to the game. The most effective way to master the technique for this game is to pay attention to these patterns. Once you start to memorize them, you will find that muscle memory will make this game a whole lot easier to conquer. Thanks for reading!

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