The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean country which attracts almost 5 million tourists every year. This is the top touristic destination in the Caribbean. Crystal clear ocean, lively celebrations and a very convenient annual average temperature of 78°F are some of the reasons why holiday makers from all over the world decide to stop by the beautiful island. Here, MusicSnake Magazine put together a list of top 8 facts you probably didn’t know about this country.

Number One: The Jurassic Park Connection. The amber stone with a mosquito inside shown on Jurassic Park is actually one of the pieces on display at Puerto Plata Amber Museum. The logo for the movie was also heavily inspired by that of the museum, which looks almost exactly the same.

Number Two: Armed Forces in the Dominican Republic Cannot Vote. The constitution declares that all citizens over the age of eighteen are allowed to vote, with one exception: Armed Forces and the National Police. There are other countries where military soldiers have no voting rights either, such as Colombia and Indonesia.

Number Three: They Love Baseball. Despite being a Hispanic nation, soccer is not the most widely practiced sport among Dominicans – baseball is. It was their neighboring country, Cuba, during the 10 Years War, which first introduced the sport into the island. Nowadays, there are around thirty Major League Baseball clubs in the country.

Number Four: Dominicans Always Clap When the Plane Lands. We know some people do it but, in the Dominican Republic, clapping when the plane lands is almost mandatory. It doesn’t matter where they are headed or where they come from; Dominicans will always, consistently clap upon arrival to their destination!

Number Five: They Don’t Smoke. It is very unusual to catch a Dominican smoking a cigarette. The average smoker here inhales 234 cigars a year – very far from the 2,996 cigars the Greeks smoke on average. However, the country is a prime location for tobacco cultivation, and it is one of the world’s main exporters of cigars.

Number Six: The Bread Basket. The country was nicknamed “The Bread Basket of the Caribbean” because it grows and farms pretty much everything that is ever served for breakfast, lunch and dinner anywhere in the Caribbean: sugar, coffee, cocoa, corn, dairy products, eggs, rice, beans, bananas, potatoes, cattle, beef… you name it. They have it all.

Number Seven: The Very First Cathedral in the Americas. The Cathedral of Santa María la Menor was erected in honor of the of the Archbishop of Santo Domingo, as Santo Domingo was the first Catholic episcopacy and the oldest European settlement in the Americas. The Roman/Gothic building is over five hundred years old. It is older than Oxford Cathedral.

Number Eight: The Godfather. Some of the scenes in The Godfather: Part II take place in Havana, where Michael travels to discuss some business deals. However, since shooting in Cuba was not a possibility in ’74, the film crew decided to take the action to Santo Domingo instead. At that time, less than ten movies had been filmed on the island. Thanks for reading!

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