Dodge has been a star in the Automotive industry for decades now. You won’t believe how many other aspects of history this brand has affected! The feats of this all-American motor company range from impressive to just plain odd, and MusicSnake Magazine have come to fill you in! Here, we put together a list of top 11 interesting facts you probably didn’t know about the company.

Number One: Dodge Has The Lamborghini Touch

Lamborghini designed Dodge first engine. The beast V10 gave 400hp in ’91. Impressive!

Number Two: The Creators Were Bicycle Makers In The Past

The Dodge Brothers’ first project was the Evans and Dodge Bicycle Company located in Windsor, Canada. The brothers closed their bicycle shop in 1900 and founded a machine shop. They had to cook, so they created mechanical parts of a stove.

Number Three: Dodge is the First Mass-Produced American Car

When the brothers took the best parts from their bicycles and stoves, somehow they ended up with an automobile. In 1910 they aided in creating the first mass-produced American car: the Model T.

Number Four: A Star Appearance

Over time, the company has grown such a large reputation that it has even made appearances in singles of the most famous musicians of all time. It was mentioned in Bruce Springsteen’s Jungleland and The Promise, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Outta Hell in My Dodge and Johnny Cash’s The General Lee.

Number Five: Target Audiences

When Dodge was trying a variety of marketing techniques, they designed a car specifically targeted to women in ’50. Fittingly, it was named La Femme. The vehicle featured upholstery adorned with rosebuds, and even threw in a purse if you bought one. One more car was made specifically for Texans; the Coronet Texan was sold only in said state, and featured only two headlights (as opposed to four) to adhere to Texas laws.

Dodge: Top 10 Surprising Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Number Six:  People Wanted To Sell Their Cars Even Before They Were Made

Over 22,000 business investors wanted to open their dealership. This was even before the details of their first independent car were revealed. The ones who got the honors were heavily bestowed again – Dodge was one of the top selling companies in America by 1916.

Number Seven: The Dodge Viper

The name probably says it all. Dodge was the undercover attack vehicle in the 90’s series Viper.

Number Eight: The Fratzog

The early name given to the Dogge logo was the fratzog. This term was used from 1962 until 1981 to describe the three interwoven triangles, which is apparently called a fratzog. The designer coined this term after he created the unique symbols.

Number Nine: Gearing Up for Winter

Around 1914, the brothers created another invention that would revolutionize America: the winterized car. When auto-companies realized that cars didn’t have an exceptional tolerance to the cold, the brothers sprang into action with removable hardtops and side glass snap-ons.

Number Ten: Clad in Steel

Another of the brothers’ firsts was their creation of the very first all steel bodied car. This Dodge was manufactured in ’14, and sold a record number of 70,000 models.

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