Digital Marketing, without any doubt, is the number one focus for all businesses that try to grow and bring new clients from the web. To gather the most helpful and relevant content marketing tips, we spoke with Fred King, the founder of a Silicon Valley-based digital marketing agency Global Marketing. Fred shared his thoughts on the most recent changes on the market and provided our readers with some valuable Internet content marketing tips.

Number One: Create a Blog; Focus on Mobile and AMP

I know you’ve read multiple articles about long-tail keyword strategies and how it is important to have your own content that will drive organic traffic. And this is still extremely relevant. Just make sure you have original content – check text and image originality via plagiarism tools and image scanners like Paperrater and TinEye. Also always use the right tools for keyword research, based on volume and competition level, and stay up-to-date on new Google releases.

Focus on Mobile and AMP. Nowadays 80% of all internet users use their mobile gadgets. Also, starting July 1st, 2019, all new sites are being indexed using Google’s mobile-first indexing. Be sure to build your websites that work well on mobile devices. Otherwise your content will be invisible online, even though your desktop sites are very well developed.

Use WordPress for Perfect Crawl. Yes, use WordPress if you want to start fast, otherwise use dynamic rendering tools for JavaScript Website SEO (e.g., This will allow your Javascript websites to be crawled perfectly by search engines.

Number Two: Get External Help – Improve Your Company’s Reputation

I know how important the first impression and online reputation is for each business. To make your business look perfect, use external publications and services that will write news articles for you as well as five-star review posts. You can also use vendors to add five-star map/app ranks that will boost the trust level and bring new clients.

Don’t use classic (old school) PR companies. As you know, PR companies would never guarantee coverage. Instead they are bombing and spamming publications with press releases with your information. The average price for this kind of services is around $10-15K per month. A tricky part is PR companies have very good sales people, but usually this is the only strong part of the chain and the rest of the services are really lacking.

Global Marketing is one of the most convenient solutions for startups. Working on clients’ content plans, the company puts focus on the actual conversions rather than “empty” traffic or spamming techniques. When signs up a client, it can actually guarantee coverage simply because the company has its own media network.

Number Three: Be On Top Of Updates – Things Always Change 

This is probably the most important tip. Things change rapidly! I hate those old-school “pro’s” who claim to know the ideal content marketing formula. It makes very little sense to even mention black hat SEO strategy or count useless backlinks in 2019. It’s so funny how some large companies train their digital marketing and PR specialists as well as account managers using that one “ideal” approach. By the time they finish that training the approach and its “ideal formula” are not relevant anymore. Those companies simply cannot deliver the results.


“Global marketing is a team of highly motivated individuals who are continuously working on their knowledge base and skills. We constantly update our own unique content marketing formulas. If you want to learn more about your business and creative ways to grow it, get in touch,” says Fred King.