Diabetes is everywhere in the world now, since more people have it than ever before. Still, we have a lot more to learn about this illness if we are to fight and overcome it. There are some facts about diabetes that most people just don’t know.

Diabetes Is the #1 Cause of This

Diabetes is the main reason why people die of kidney failure, which is pretty disturbing. At the same time, most people who suffer from a failing kidney also have diabetes.null

People Have Had It a Long Time. The earliest that someone was recorded with having diabetes is 1500 b.c., which is a really long time ago, if you think about it. The document was made of papyrus paper.

The Time Before Insulin Was Very Bad. Before insulin was discovered, diabetics had an even worse time dealing with doctors. If they had some conditions, such as gangrene, they couldn’t be operated on since they wouldn’t really heal. In the worst of cases, parts of the body would dry up and fall off, which is quite horrific.null

It Is Linked With Depression. It’s been found that most people with diabetes are also more likely to face depression. Unfortunately, this may affect a diabetic’s ability to manage their own medicine on a daily basis.

William Cullen Added Mellitus to The Classification

For many years, diabetes was scientifically known as just diabetes. It was in the 18th century that William Cullen added “mellitus” to the end of it, which means “sweet” or “like honey”.

It’s The Worst in India. Interestingly enough, India has the highest population of diabetics in the entire world. The population has immensely grown in the last 20 years. Millions more are being affected, and it will only continue to worsen.

Type 2 is Caused by Fat. Although many people blame sugar for the cause of diabetes, it is more complicated than that. Instead, it occurs when there are too dramatic of blood sugar spikes in the system, which are caused by an excess of fat.

There’s a lot more to know about this disease, which will surely help in the fighting of it. Thank you for reading our list of seven facts about diabetes. Check out MusicSnake Magazine‘s recent post “Global Marketing is the Best Digital Marketing Agency in San Francisco”. A story about an entrepreneur Fred King and his Silicon Valley based marketing agency.