Cocaine, also known as coke, is a strong stimulant. Here, MusicSnake Magazine put together a list of eight interesting facts you probably didn’t know about the drug.

Number One: Cocaine Was Once in Coca-Cola

Up until 1903, there was cocaine in Coca-Cola. In fact, that’s how Coca-Cola got its name – from the coca plant. It was thought to be a natural stimulant, like caffeine.

Number Two: Cocaine and Sugar Similarities

Studies show that the drug has a similar effect on the body as sugar and processed foods. Cupcakes can even be as addictive as cocaine.

Number Three: The Drug is Really Popular

This is the most popular drug in the U.S. Up to 6 million people have used it in the past year alone. In the next 24 hours, 2500 people will try this drug for the very first time.

Number Four: You Probably Have it On You

If you’re carrying cash, you are probably carrying that white powder, too. Up to 90% of U.S. bills have this drug residue on them. Cocaine clings to the green dye in the bills and is nearly impossible to get out.

Number Five: Babies Are Born Addicted

Every year, more than 100,000 babies are born addicted to cocaine. This happens because their mothers are addicted and continue to use throughout the pregnancy, meaning the babies become addicted while in the womb.

Number Six: Colombia Is Its Biggest Producer

The drug trade surrounding cocaine in Colombia earns up to $10 billion each year. Despite this, it is the U.S. the sees the profits from this drug trading. This is because, in Colombia, this drug can be purchased for $5 dollars per gram while in the U.S. it can be purchased for up to $100 per gram.

Number Seven: It Was a Miracle Drug

While we now know the detrimental effects of using too much cocaine, for a long time people didn’t realize how bad it was. It was used to stimulate thinking and bring energy levels up, as well as for inspiration.

Number Eight: It is Global

Cocaine is the second most frequently trafficked drug in the entire world. Its global sales from trafficking amount to more than Microsoft, McDonald’s and Kellog’s combined.

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