Celine Dion, an icon of modern history, has received an informal proposal from Raw Navi, a rising Internet phenomenon known for his song, “Strawberry.”

Celine Dion Received Controversial Proposal from Raw Navi

On September 7th, Raw Navi tweeted the following message via his Twitter account: “Celine Dion, will you record a song with me?” While this may seem like a joke, we know that Dion is a very supportive person, when it comes to her fans and admirers.

Celine Dion and the Airport Video

Back in 2014, a man who got stranded in an empty airport “recreated” Celine Dion’s music video, making his version of the popular song. It was undoubtedly a message to Dion. Shortly after the “masterpiece” went viral, the celebrity reached out to the creator of the popular video and even met him in person.

Who Is Raw Navi? What Is Strawberries?

Raw Navi is a performer who is known for his song, “Strawberries.” In just two days, the video generated some buzz on the Internet and is continuing to generate more traffic on YouTube. There have been several speculations regarding the rising performer’s background and his intentions. One thing that we do know for sure is that “Strawberries” is simply a funny phenomenon that deserves some good laughter and applause.

Raw Navi and Celine Dion

As the popularity of Raw Navi gradually climbs up the rankings of the Internet, who knows what is going to happen in the future. Maybe, just maybe, we will see some sort of communication or collaboration between the icon of the music industry, Celine Dion, and the punk of the modern Internet age, Raw Navi.

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