Cancer is a serious disease which has become the leading cause of death in the modern day and thus has turned into one of the largest problems of our generation. People haven’t quite obtained a cure yet, but technology is sure making strides to do so. Read on to discover how we have progressed!

Number One: Magic Drug Combo. Breast cancer is one of the largest killers in the US. However, medical professionals have recently discovered a magically effective duo of cancer-based drugs that have astounding results. After a sample group study, researchers found that over 25% of breast cancer patients saw improvement in their condition after only 11 days of using both trastuzumab and lapatinib, and 11% of the sample group’s tumors disappeared completely in the same time. This drug combination could lead to the ultimate cure faster than expected.

Number Two: The BubbleCAN Project. Transporting the chemotherapeutic drugs to the tumor without disrupting the body’s immune system is one of the largest obstacles in curing cancer. To solve this problem, a recent invention has been made to help transport these drugs: the BubbleCAN. Essentially, these devices are microscopic particles that form a micro-bubble in which chemotherapeutic drugs are inserted, and carried straight to the tumor to treat it. The micro bubbles can be administered with the help of ultrasound, and have exhibited far fewer side effects than other treatments with similar results.

Number Three: Nanotechnology. A mere decade ago, nanotechnology in the medical field seemed like something possible only in superhero movies. However, as technology has grown, researchers have developed a better understanding of this unique method of medicine. Although there is still some progress to be made with this discovery, many researchers believe nanoparticles may be the key to conquering cancer. The biggest obstacle in finding natural medicine to battle cancer cells is getting them past the body’s natural immunity barriers; thus, a nanoparticle designed to get past these barriers without harming them may be the greatest defense.

Number Four: Little Microscopes. Identifying cancer cells is not an easy process; removing the wrong cells can be disastrous, and not removing all of the cancer cells can lead to a reappearance of the disease. In the three years, scientists have developed one of the greatest inventions to aid in treating cancer: the mini-microscope. This device is roughly the size of a pen, and allows surgeons to view a patient on a cellular level. It may not seem like an extreme technological breakthrough, but it is the most efficient thus far in determining cancerous cells.

Number Five: Cure It by Directing T Cells. Researchers and medical professionals have been trying to develop a cure for centuries, although some believe the cure may already be inside us. Many researchers are beginning to see the natural power of the T cells that aid our immune system. T cells are commonly known as white blood cells, which act to fight infections within the body. The most recent, and possibly most effective, method to curing cancer, researchers believe, is to simply find a way to direct our powerful T cells to fight cancer-causing cells and tumors. Thanks for reading!

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