Brian Johnson is a legendary singer and songwriter who does lead vocals for the worldwide sensation AC/DC. The band has been inducted into the Hall of Fame and is one of the hugest successes the world of music has ever seen. Here, MusicSnake Magazine presents some interesting facts about Brian Johnson.

Number One: Brian Johnson Thought He Was Done with Music. He had a somewhat successful band called Goldie, but at age 32, he discovered that they weren’t heading anywhere big, and with a 12-year-old girl to take care of, deciding to start his own roof repair business. He had no way of seeing what was coming.

Number Two: Choosing to Continue AC/DC. When Bon Scott, the original vocalist, died, the remaining band members considered calling it quits. Realizing that Bon likely would have wanted them to continue, they selected a replacement instead, and Brian Johnson came to mind as someone that Bon had complimented a while back.

Number Three: Paul McCartney’s Advice to Brian. AC/DC headlined the Coachella music festival recently, and Johnson ran into the former Beatles member near the venue. He told him the kids will think of you as someone their dad listens to but eventually get into it.

Number Four: If He Could See Himself Now. He’s said that if he could go back in time to his 30’s and look at himself now, he’d think he looked really old. He’d call for someone to remove that old man from the stage immediately.

Number Five: He Didn’t Know He Had It in Him. Mutt Lange, the producer of Back in Black, encouraged him to hit the high notes. Before this, he didn’t know he had it in him!

Number Six: Not Dental Rock. Brian has talked about the musical style of the band and has said that it’s not dental rock. If there’s a hole, you don’t fill it. The holes are necessary to create the swing of the music.

Number Seven: Brian Johnson Stays in Touch With His Roots. Although nowadays he lives in Florida, he hasn’t forgotten Great Britain, his homeland. He returns to England at least four times per year to visit his family and friends and catch up over a pint.

Number Eight: You Have to Do What You Do. He believes that you must do what you’re meant for. Otherwise, you will die inside as he says he would if he didn’t continue with what he does. He’d have nothing.

Number Nine: He Thinks His First Band Sucked. It was called the Gobi Desert Canoe Club, and it began when he was 16. They had drum solos that went on for 27 minutes, and thought they were awesome, but apparently weren’t.

Number Ten: A Bottled Tan. When a random person asked Johnson whether his browned forearms represented a tan from California or Florida, he said it was neither. “It’s a tan from a bottle,” he answered.

Number Eleven: The ‘Roller Coaster’. The band’s founding member and guitarist had to leave the band due to dementia a couple years ago, and they lost the drummer as well due to drug charges. He described these events as a “roller coaster,” quite understandably.

Number Twelve: Thoughts on Retiring. “Well, I’m 62, but I have to sing like I was 32,” he cackles when I float the idea. “People have been talking about it, but it’s not me that wants to retire. I’ll go as long as I keep going, but I only have one gear as a singer.”

Number Thirteen: The Haggis Incident. In the front man’s biography, he tells of many stories. In one chapter, Johnson tried to boil haggis in an electric kettle on the AC/DC tour bus. The results ended up splattered all over the walls.

Number Fourteen: Highway to Hell. This classic song opened up the doors for the band in America. Johnson says they didn’t promote it at all, and rather, gained popularity through playing live.

Number Fifteen: An Alternative Career Choice. He has suggested that he could license his voice to every fire brigade in the world. Thanks for reading!

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