Breaking Benjamin return to the scene after more than six years with an epic rock song entitled “Failure” that is sure to catch the interest of alternative rock fans. Instantly, the production is like a mighty force of nature, flying heavy metal into the sunset right before darkness comes. Effectively, eager drums with guitar play pound the spirit of failure out of the window as the faith builds inside to “tear the whole world down.” This is an exemplary rock song that will stand the test of time. On the upcoming album, Dark Before Dawn which is due after the sunrise on June 23rd, portrays the theme about overcoming the dark tides mounting with a compelling faith in the midst of the unexpected storms. It is a reminder of  better days on the radio when pop and rock music co-existed within the same format.

The dynamic vocal delivery from lead singer Benjamin Burnley directs the song into a compelling tool that is sure to resonate with the fans who have faithfully waited, and it is presently their time to show appreciation. Devoted fans remember that feeling when they first heard earlier albums like Saturate and Phobia that stuck with them even into this precious promising era with Dark Before Dawn. When real musicians present meaningful music, the sky is the limit.

Inside the song, lyrics make it hard not to notice the prevailing inspiration, “Life will come our way, it has only just begun / The world will die alone, the frail will fall below / Time will take our place, we return it back to one.” Truly, it is the passionate and masterful lyrics that make the song worth repeating time and time again. Astonishing harmonies, in the end, “We bury the sunlight, we bury the sunlight / Failure, failure / We bury the sunlight, we bury the sunlight / Failure, failure” stimulate the mind.

As a single, it is just the sound that sent them to chart success some years ago on the album We Are Not Alone. This song rules like classic Breaking Benjamin, and that’s not a bad situation. Certainly, the long wait didn’t disappoint. This song is the perfect sound and interlude to their victorious return! In no time, this new album will be a K.O. and place rock music back into its rightful place.