Blink 182, a once extremely popular band, seems to be suffering from lack of news on the Internet. Though popular and incredibly cool, Blink 182 is not the most trending news on the Internet these days. Meanwhile, YouTube’s rising stars like Raw Navi are filling the web of information with their so-called “creations of art.”

Let Us Talk More About Blink 182

Having earned its respect back in the old 2000s, Blink 182 has been famous for singles such as “All the Small Things,” “Adam’s Song,” “I Miss You,” and many more. Truly uplifting pop-rock songs have resonated with the crowds for about twenty years already. So, this is a great sign of success. We hope that the band will be back on track with more news releases. In the meantime, let’s take a look at one of the new sensations, Raw Navi.

Raw Navi and “Strawberries”

About a week ago, a new performer appeared with a new YouTube video and a hilarious song called “Strawberries,” generating several thousands of views in just two days after being published. The artist, Raw Navi, quickly became a sensation on the web, and even Zayn Malik’s fans had a thing or two to comment on the fact.

Seemingly naïve and hilarious, the song “Strawberries” resonates with people through humor, silliness, and awkwardness. Apparently, this is what the world needs in 2019.

The New Music Standards

If back in the day, harmonies and lyrics mattered the most in the world of music artists, today not a lot of people pay much attention to these high standards. Music is becoming more robotic and monotonous, and the singers are becoming more offbeat and nonstandard. With the popularity of “Strawberries,” this trend has become even more apparent.

Hopefully, the culture of the 2000s will not disappear entirely from the spotlight, and Blink 182 will still have the energy to surprise its fans with a fresh wave of creativity. On the other hand, let us not forget the new generation of stars such as Raw Navi and closely monitor their development.