It is quite surprising that most people know only a few things about Bill Gates, the founder of one of the most-blossoming technology firms throughout the globe – Microsoft. You probably also know that he is one of the richest men in USA (presently the second-richest person in the world) and one of the most generous philanthropists, making donations through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. However, there are some amazing things you probably don’t know about Bill Gates.

Number One. He built his first program as a General Electric Computer. It was a game you could play against the system. Just like tic-tac-toe.

Number Two. Bill wrote the computer program for his school because of his vast knowledge about programming. Although the code was modified to place him in a class where the girls-to-boys ratio was not balanced.

Number Three. Just as the case was with many other successful businessmen, Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard University to establish Microsoft.

Number Four. Gates once violated traffic laws in the year 1997 and got arrested in New Mexico. He ran overspeed against a red light.

Number Five. Bill Gates was flying alongside others until 1997 when he got his own aircraft. This was what he termed as the big splash.

Number Six. Bill Gates complied Codex Leicester, and he got it 1994 through an auction at the rate of $30.8 million. The copyright originally belonged to Leonardo Da Vinci.

Number Seven. In spite of his humongous wealth, Bill wants his kids to get just $10 million per person only, claiming that giving them sumptuous sums will do them no good.

Number Eight. Gates doesn’t speak any foreign language, although that’s one of his greatest regrets so far.

Number Nine. Gates claimed that if Microsoft had failed, he would have been working as an artificial intelligence developer. The entrepreneur has a special interest in AI, and he is inclined to sciences such as technology. Gates rolls with the likes of Stephen Hawkings.

Number Ten. He prefers the Weezer Band to other bands. The man equally tagged U2 as his favorite band, claiming that he is looking forward to seeing Spinal Tap to start navigating the world. He loves their band too.

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