As many of you know, nowadays digital marketing (or Internet marketing) is the number one engine that drives any online business. Young entrepreneurs wildly try to outmatch competitors by using SEO tricks. Fair players invest a lot of money in Google Ads and SEO optimization, while others play around black hat SEO techniques and take unreasonable risks. In any case everyone is trying hard to get to the first Google search page in order to get more clients.

Currently, there are hundreds of Internet marketing companies that offer a standard set of services such as SEO optimization, PPC campaigns and PR services. But there is only one strong player on the market that offers non-standard, unique and profitable approach. Founded by a Silicon Valley based entrepreneur Fred King, Global Marketing is offering its clients an unbeatable set of exclusive features that can’t be found elsewhere on the market.

In order to showcase the uniqueness of his vision and tailored approach, Fred describes one of his clients’ cases. “Global Marketing’s client, a blockchain startup, spent huge budgets on sponsored posts and media presence as well as conference tickets and other events. As a solution, Global Marketing created a blog for the client, wrote highly optimized content and submitted the blog to Apple News and Google News (of course following their guidelines),” Fred says. 

As a result the client got their own media publication with organic traffic from Google News and Apple News which cut the expense on sponsored posts. It also created an opportunity to generate additional revenue on selling sponsored posts to clients who wanted to publish their posts in the blog. And as a media outlet, the client got a chance to enter most of the conferences with media passes and participate in panels as a media professional for free. This simple example shows how non-standard approach by Global Marketing completely shifted the perspective and brought new opportunities that changed the client’s vision and grew the revenue.

There are many more creative formulas that Global Marketing has in its playbook that have helped Fred King and his team attract and retain clients for over five years and remain a top player in digital marketing arena.