The Beastie Boys left behind a complicated and intriguing legacy. The American hip hop group serve as an inspiration to many artists around the world. In fact, the three members, Mike Diamond, Adam Horovitz, and Adam Yauch are some of the most well-known names in the music industry. Below, we dive into 10 facts you need to know about the infamous group.

Number One: Travis Barker is a Major Fan. “I grew up on the Beastie Boys..I loved rap music from a very young age,” says the drummer.

Number Two: They Had the First Rap Album to Hit #1. A pretty impressive credit, the band’s “Licensed to Ill” became the first rap album to hit #1 in the US in 1987.

Number Three: Mike D Was Almost Kicked Out of the Band. It’s hard to even imagine the idea now, but right before “Licensed to Ill” was released, the members of the infamous group were considering kicking out Mike D.

Number Four: They Inspired JJ Abrams. To clarify, the album “Hello Nasty” inspired JJ Abrams to create a character named Ello Asty in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Number Five: NYC Named A Park After Adam Yauch. That’s right – there is actually a park named after Adam Yauch in Brooklyn. The musician was born and raised in the city and is considered one of Brooklyn’s most influential musicians.

Number Six: Adam’s Alter Ego. If you haven’t yet heard of Nathaniel Hörnblowér, you’ve been missing out. Adam’s alter ego, Nathaniel, even once crashed the MTV Music Video Awards in 1994.

Number Seven: They Started Their Own Record Label. In 1993, the Beastie Boys started their own record label, Grand Royal. They signed multiple artists before having to shut down the label due to financial issues.

Number Eight: The Beastie Boys Opened for Madonna. At the time, Madonna’s fans did not seem to be impressed, however, she still kept the band on her bill.

Number Nine: The Knicks. All of the members of the Beastie Boys were enthusiastic fans of The New York Knicks.

Number Ten: A Lawsuit With DefJam Records. The band got into a pretty bad lawsuit with DefJam Records after terminating their contract early. The boys went to Colombia Records after releasing their first album with DefJam, and as a result, DefJam filed a lawsuit claiming they owed the company seven more albums.

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