There are many specialized diets available in almost every medium. The Atkins diet is one of them. This diet is not recommended for people with severe kidney diseases as you aggressively cut back on carbohydrates so that your body burns more fat and releases ketones for energy. Here, MusicSnake Magazine put together a list of top seven myth about Atkins Diet.

Number One: You Will Feel Tired All The Time. Since the Atkins diet has a low carbohydrate proportion, many people think they will feel tired while on it. This is not true because this diet provides a steady dose of carbohydrates which keeps you consistently active. Bingeing on carbohydrates will cause your blood sugar to rise and fall, and that can make you either hyper or want to crash.

Number Two: This Diet Is Not Nutritious. Many people believe that the diet is poor in nutrition because of the lack of fruits and vegetables. This is not true since you can have fruits and vegetables in the induction phase, provided they are low in sugar.

Number Three: Atkins Diet Causes Constipation. Since there is less fiber in the diet, people think you will be perpetually constipated. We debunk this myth by saying that there are a lot of foods in the Atkins diet that are rich in fibre. Examples include spinach, eggplant, broccoli, asparagus and leafy green veggies.

Number Four: Low-Carb is No Carb. This is something that most people believe but it couldn’t be more wrong. The Atkins diet limits carbohydrate intake but it certainly does not eliminate it.

Number Five: The Weight Loss Is Temporary. This will obviously happen if you stop the diet and continue bingeing on carbohydrates. However, if you develop healthy eating habits through this diet, you can lose and maintain your desired weight.

Number Six: You Only Lose Water Weight While On It. This is not so much a myth but a temporary condition, and it stands true for all diets. You lose water weight in the first few days, and with Atkins, after the first four or five days, your body will begin burning off the fat.

Number Seven: The Atkins Diet Can Cause Gall Bladder Disease. There is no evidence or data to support this myth. On the contrary, it is said that gall bladder diseases happen to people whose diets are low in fat – something Atkins is definitely not about. Thanks for reading!

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