Thanks to Zedd for Ariana Grande’s EDM summer single “Break Free”. ”I never thought I’d do an EDM song,” she said of the collaboration, “but that was an eye-opening experience, and now all I want to do is dance.”

Better known for her contemporary clothing style and pop sound mixed with a touch of classic R&B, “Break Free,” which will be featured on her upcoming second album “My Everything,” is a break from her usual. Her debut album “Yours Truly” took a lot of inspiration from Mariah Carey’s style, whereas “Break Free” has a sound more akin to Demi Lovato, which added with Zedd’s hand in the production, makes this single a fist-pumping, dance-jumping, club-ready EDM song.

Grande celebrates her independence from a former flame, or “breaking free” as it were, and is turning over a new leaf as a strong, independent woman, comfortable on her own. She definitely sounds comfortable soaring above the music, with all of her high vocal register capabilities. The song is pure empowerment from the EDM bass line to the pretty pop synth to Grande’s lyrics and solid vocals. “This is the part when/ I say I don’t want you/ I’m stronger than I’ve been before,” she sings on the chorus, making you feel totally in control, even if you haven’t just recently gone through a breakup.