Thinking about buying the new Apple Watch? You’ve come to the right place. With Apple’s latest version, you can leave your phone behind more often and spend more time in the present. Keep your watch on at all times without worrying about re-charging, or getting caught in the rain. Below we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 facts you need to know about the latest watch.

Number One: You Can Go Swimming With It

That’s right! With Apple’s latest version, you can submerge your watch up to 50 meters without having to worry about damaging it! Caught in a rainstorm? No problem for your watch!

Number Two: Sync Up Your Smartwatch

Can’t find your tv remote? No worries! You can control your Apple TV or Harmony Hub using your gadget!

Number Three: Get in Shape With Friends

Not only can you track your mileage, you can turn on Activity Sharing which enables you to share your activity status with your friends! Keep each other motivated by inviting your friends to share their latest stats.

Number Four: Listen To Music

Sync up your favorite tunes and listen to your favorite bands using Apple Watch music! Use your wireless headphones or earbuds and play music directly from your watch – totally hassle free!

Number Five: Call and Text Without Your Phone

Don’t want to bring your phone out with you? No problem – call or send text and emails to your friends through your watch – or even a hand written message!

Number Six: Order Your Favorite Food

With the Apple Watch you can connect to Grubhub or other food ordering services. Never again will you have to lift up your phone to order food!

Number Seven: Say Hello To All Day Battery

The battery should last up to 18 hours, so you’ll never have to fret about re-charging throughout the day.

Number Eight: Customize Your Watch With Your Favorite Color

Add your individual taste and make your watch custom fit to your specific needs! With the Apple Watch Series 5, you can choose your own wrist band and case.

Number Nine: Keep Your Ears Safe!

You read that right. With the Apple’s latest version, the watch actually listens for when the surrounding noise is so loud that it could actually effect your hearing!

Number Ten: Protect Your Heart

Stressed out or working out? Let the Apple Watch keep track of your heart rate and rhythm. Simply place your finger onto your watch and get up to date data. Thanks for reading!

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