Andrei Lucas, London based indie musical artist, releases the single entitled Real Life, with a message about today, and a demand to live what real life has to offer.

It’s no secret that millennials live in a digitalized world, and it’s becoming a cliché to point out the obvious: we don’t interact with each other and human relationships have faded. Our relationships are fragile in front of the unfollow button and as preposterous as it may sound, it has become a bitter fact. Andrei Lucas aims to send out a message about those facts and wrote the single Real Life as a reflection of who he is and what he experiences in his world, a world we are all a part of.

The single written by Andrei Lucas is produced by Zeke Africa, an alternative artist who is known for his dark and mysterious sound and co-produced by Irish producer and composer Niall Kearney. The sound of the single tends to aim towards an indie-pop / alternative-pop that resonates with the young audiences that consume this genre, however we would need to hear a full album or at least an EP to be able to have a complete understanding of Andrei Lucas’ musical genre as he is at the upcoming stage after a 2018 hiatus.

Andrei Lucas – Real Life

Vocally, Andrei Lucas seeks for a mysterious but suave overall sound, however the after-chorus stands out in a way that lifts the song to a more pop record. Overall it has to be still discovered if Andrei Lucas can continue with this particular style and evolve in this field of indie pop, or if he will try to breakthrough into the mainstream music with a more radio friendly record that is more catchy. The single builds up towards the chorus that delivers the message of the song, moving forward with a pop after-chorus and generating an overall dance tune with a darker twist.  One can argue that the darker twist could be more because of the lyrics, or because of the production that showcases a consistent bass and groove.

“I definitely think that the single says it all. I tried to be pretty explicit in my message, and I maybe got a bit trivial with the idea of deleting the dating apps for your loved one to have trust in you, but I have seen those moments around me and ultimately, I write about the real life experiences” Andrei Lucas adds.

It is without a doubt not easy to put in a box an upcoming artist who hasn’t displayed a considerable amount of singles yet, but definitely has the potential to evolve. What stands out in the overall project and lifts up the message of the single, is the meticulously crafted lyric visualizer of Real Life, a black and white short story of discovery, solitude, California summertime sadness, and slow motion effects that polish the project.

Indie pop is becoming more and more different from an artist to another, and it’s safe to say that in some way it’s great for upcoming artists to label themselves as indie pop, but at the same time it has become a safety net for the artists who are still looking to find their sound. Will Andrei Lucas find his? It’s a matter of time and patience.

Real Life if available on all streaming services and VEVO.