American Dad is an American animated sitcom and the comical guilty pleasure of many. This TV show is the perfect source for a good, satirical laugh every now and again. Here, MusicSnake Magazine presents our list of top 10 Interesting facts you probably didn’t know about American Dad!

American Dad – The Underdog Farewell

If you pay attention to the closing credits of the show, you have become familiar with the farewell man of Underdog Productions, who goes by the name of Peña. If you pay extra close attention, you might notice that his police badge changes between various stations. In addition, there are four versions of the clip that the studio uses, in which Peña repeats phrases such as “Bye, have a great time!”, “Bye, have a great night!”, “Bye, have a beautiful time!”, or “Bye, have a wonderful time!”.

Family Ties

For those of you who pay extra-close attention to the end credits, you may have seen the name “Rachel McFarlane” pop up. Believe it or not, Seth’s sister, Rachel, is the voice of Hayley in the show. She has been a popular voice actress since even before Seth got his big break in Hollywood.

Roger’s Iconic Voice

We can all agree that the character of Roger has quite a distinct voice, but it is actually based off of a well-known star. The basis for this character was designed after Peter Lynde, who was best known for his role as Uncle Arthur in Bewitched. The character was created in honor of the man’s campy demeanor and self-deprecating sense of humor.

The Replacement on American Dad

It is often criticized that American Dad is far too similar to the television series Family Guy. This is for good reason. The planning for American Dad initiated when Family Guy was temporarily cancelled. The show was set to air after Family Guy’s cancellation to console the frustrated viewers, but Family Guy (thankfully) came back with a new season. However, American Dad still premiered at the same time as the new season’s start.

The Origin

The plot of American Dad is actually centered around the hit television series All in The Family. That is, it was in the beginning, at least. Since the early days, the show has gotten a bit out of hand to meet the comedy demands of its viewers, but the original intentions were good.

Klaus was Originally French

Klaus, the sometimes obnoxious but hilarious goldfish side-character of the show, is most often known for his comical German personality. However, in the original planning show for the show, the goldfish was meant to be of French origin, named Francois. The character was altered simply because voice actor Dee Bradley Baker had a much more convincing German accent than French.


Within the show, the side-character Toshi has a younger sister. When she first appears in the series, she is much younger than the teenage boys. However, when her character returns, she is old enough to attend high school with Steve and her brother.

Seth McFarlane Doesn’t Get It

Seth McFarlane is largely credited with the creation of American Dad because of his involvement in its start-up, but he had nothing to do with the writing of the show in the beginning. In fact, he didn’t really get the humor at all. He didn’t really express any interest in the show’s production until the audience demanded more weird and random scenarios for the characters.

The Inspiration

When it comes to creating hit episodes, the staff of the show reveals that much of their inspiration comes from listening to music. This sprouted from producers Mike Barker’s attendance of the ’08 Bonnaroo Music Festival, where he watched My Morning Jacket perform in the rain.

Captain Picard

When watching the show, it is obvious that Stan’s boss, Avery Bullock, is voiced by Patrick Stewart. This actor is most known for his iconic role as Captain Picard in Star Trek. To pay homage to the classic roots, writers of the show often throw in subtle hints to the role, such as Avery’s Holodeck that is identical to the one in Star Trek. When the character is confronted with the similarities, he claims to have never heard of Star Trek. Thanks for reading!

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