Many wonder what really happened to Adolf Hitler, and some top conspiracy theories have emerged to explain his death. Here, MusicSnake Magazine presents a list of the top 7 conspiracy theories about the death of the most brutal dictator of the 20th century.

Number One: Adolf Hitler Snuck Into Argentina Where He Died In His Old Age. When the Germans gave up the fight, many Nazis escaped to South America. That seems to somehow suggest that their master might have done the same. Supportive reports opine that the dictator lived with his wife, Eva Braun, in Argentina and died in his old age.

Number Two: His Grave Is Marked ‘Jesus’ In The Kashmir. Now this is the latest of the conspiracy theories, having come up in ’15. Farooq Renzu Shah, a writer and historian in Kashmir, claims that Hitler was friends with Maharaja of Kashmir and that he died there. The dictator’s grave was marked with the name of Jesus to keep the lid on the highly guarded secret.

Number Three: Adolf Dodged The Allies And Crossed Into The Antarctica Or The Arctic. During the 40’s, the Nazi government was suspected of operating a secret base deep in the South Pole where they tested secret technologies among them some flying saucers. Some reports indicate that Adolf Hitler might have found a safe haven there after Germany lost the war in ’45.

Number Four: Hitler Is Buried In Spain. There are some claims that the dictator managed to get a plane and escape to Spain just before the fall of Berlin. That is how the story winds up with an interesting conclusion that he lived, died, and was buried in Spain.

Number Five: The Führer Was Flown Into Outer Space By The Gray Aliens. Some theorists claim that Hitler had struck an exciting deal with the gray aliens. He accepted their help in global domination in exchange for their presence on earth. When the Allies beat the Nazi army and things went south, the aliens saved him and flew him out of the Earth.

Number Six: He Made A Clone Of Himself And Burnt It. The dictator had a penchant for biotechnology. Hitler even let his scientists do whatever they wished with the Jews in their research. This makes some theorists believe that he may have cloned himself and escaped with the help of his senior scientist Dr. Josef Mengele. They believe that the body found burnt at the chancellery wasn’t actually Hitler’s but of one of his clones’.

Number Seven: He Committed Suicide In His Bunker. This is the most prolific and official story of Adolf Hitler’s demise. It’s said that the dictator sprayed himself with bullets and committed suicide while his wife swallowed cyanide and died.

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