Developed and released by Adobe Inc., Adobe Photoshop is the most popular raster graphics editor in the world, which now has a huge cultural impact. So often people  say that something seems “photoshopped”, which often means the picture has been altered in a way that makes it seem unreal. There can be other times, when “photoshopped” is used to describe an image of perfect quality. Here MusicSnake Magazine presents ten surprising facts about the software that you probably didn’t know.

Number 1: Many of Photoshop Features Are the First of Their Kind

Many of the actions that you can take while working in the software, including color translation, have never been conceived before. To edit images before, you would have to tend to the image physically, rescan the object and then work on it from there. It also gave regular people the ability to edit photos without needing to be associated with huge corporations.

Number 2: Adobe Photoshop Works With Files From Other Adobe Programs

As a part of their global marketing strategy, Adobe decided to link all the products together. If someone works on a file in Adobe Photoshop and saves it with the Photoshop extension, they would be able to work on the file in other Adobe programs such as Adobe Illustrator , Adobe After Effects, etc. This improves fluidity enormously.

Number 3: Photoshop Wasn’t Originally an Image Editor

Until Thomas Knoll’s brother John Knoll was introduced to the program, it didn’t even edit images. Tom encouraged his brother to change the software in that direction. Soon enough the program was changed and Photoshop was born.

Number 4: The Founders Are Still Part of the License

When Adobe bought Photoshop all those years ago, the brothers Knoll who made it come to life still appeared on the licensing. If you use the program, you should still be able to see their names upon opening it.

Number 5: The First Photoshopped Image Was of the Creator’s Wife

As a part of Adobe’s digital marketing campaign, the first image that was photoshopped was an image of the creator’s wife on the beach, interestingly enough. From the beginning, it seems that the nature of the program has worked, albeit perhaps not on purpose, against people’s self-esteem.

Adobe Photoshop: 10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know

Number 6: The Application Itself Is Much Older Than You Think

Adobe Photoshop is 32 years old. The original application was first formed in 1987 by Tom Knoll, who was a PhD student.

Number 7: It Wasn’t Always Called Photoshop

The program was originally known as Display. It only demonstrated grayscale images on a black and white display.

Number 8: It Wasn’t Always Owned by Adobe 

Two years after its fruition in 1987, Photoshop was bought by Adobe, who then had the means to expand the program: color editing and retouching was available. At the time, it cost $300 dollars, which is super crazy to think about.

Number 9: Layering Wasn’t Available Until 1994

In Adobe Photoshop, layers are what allow a designer to add more complexity to an image. It is also a great way to make changes to an image without the fear of messing up. This feature wasn’t available until 1994.

Number 10: They Work Hard Against Piracy

Unfortunately, the piracy market for software is thriving these days. Adobe is working hard to fight this. Within decades multiple companies were fined by Adobe as well as some individuals faced criminal charge.